Why US Seniors are Spending Their Retirement in Mexico?

Year after year, a growing number of American seniors are spending their retirement years in the coastal areas of Mexico, including Cancun, Rosario Beach, Vallarta and Rocky Point.
Retirement in Mexico

These retirees opted to stay in this side of the country because of the relaxed and laid-back lifestyle. And although they admit to having reservations before they made their move, in the end they figured out that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

A recent study on the retirement trends in the United States shows important information that can greatly help meet the needs of the future group of American retirees who are considering living in Mexico. Previous research focused on well-known expatriate communities in central Mexico, particularly in San Miguel Allende and Ajijic. This left the coastal communities of the country the least studied among the US retirees.

Released last week, the report focused on issues affecting the American retirees in Mexico. Four more reports are expected to come out in the future, and will focus on real estate, health care, community involvement and environment. The study was based on an 88-question survey answered by 842 American participants. Aside from the questionnaire, data from the study also came from focus groups in individual communities.

The survey showed that most of the retirees are young, with almost half of them under 65 years old. About 30 percent of them are single, divorced, widowed or never married. A big chunk of them has an annual income higher than $25,000. Four out of five of them are homeowners, with mostly paying cash for their homes. They study was conducted in five areas where most retirees live, particularly Punta Banda and Playas de Tijuana, located south of Ensenada.

In one particular night, a group of US retirees gathered on a beach-side restaurant and echoed most of the findings of the survey. For most of them, money was a big factor and most of them has become comfortable with Mexico.
US Seniors
These people bought some of the region’s properties during the building boom during the years 2005 to 2006, and they bought their homes with cash. They mostly live in one or two-story homes and agree that high rises on the coastline restrict corridor views.

The survey says over half of the respondents considered litter as their top problem in their retirement communities. Even still, they reported walking on the beach as a favorite activity. Almost half of the respondents said safety issues were a big concern in their move to Mexico, and 66 percent said drug violence is an important public policy issue. Since they started living in Mexico, majority of the retirees have not yet changed their attitude about their personal safety.

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