Can you believe that this all started in Canada, United States & Mexico (Q-Life) around 6 months ago! The world looks different now, but what I am happy to say is that traveling to Los Cabos has not changed…. much.
Yes, you will need to wear your mask while flying and checking in to your hotel or airbnb.  You will need to sanitize your hands.  You will need to step on a sanitation mat when entering into restaurants etc.  But you will still be able to relax or adventure on the ocean as you would normally expect.  Nothing has really changed.  Right now there are around 5000 – 7000 vacationers here in Cabo daily that are soaking up the sun and enjoy life.  I will say this though…. Hold off on your vacation plans if your travel intention is to come to hit the nightclubs.   Yes you can party in your room / house, but the clubs and bars are closing around 11pm every night.
Don’t take our word for it…
See what TRAVEL & LEISURE has to say about it as well as vacationers here in Cabo today (video below).
What is the COVID-19 situation like right now in Los Cabos?
According to research conducted by tourism marketing company MMGY Global, this fall is expected to see a bit of a travel boom, given the increasing popularity of remote jobs and schooling, as well as a long pent-up desire to hit the road after months in quarantine. Approximately 64 percent of travelers currently expect to take a leisure trip within the next six months. This is unsurprising when considering credit card expert LendingTree’s research that 72 percent of Americans did not take a summer vacation this year, and that 44 percent of working Americans have yet to use any of their annual paid time off…. READ MORE HERE

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