Top 5 Reasons Spring Break in Los Cabos is EPIC –For Adults Of All Ages!

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is legendary for spring break vacations. Everyone deserves a chance to cut loose in paradise, and not just college students! Adults of all ages come to Los Cabos to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. It is the perfect place to escape the cold, relax, and have tons of fun!

Cabo San Lucas Spring Break 2020 will be action-packed with pool parties, world-famous musicians, and adventures at sea. If you’re ready to let loose and relax, come see what makes Cabo one of the world’s top spring break destinations.

Here are the top 5 most popular Spring break in Cabo questions we get asked…answered:

1.      Hotel  vs. Home Rental

2.      Is Los Cabos Safe?

3.      Who are the Headlining DJs and Musicians?

4.      What are the Best Activities and Adventures

5.      Are there “Non-Party” Events in Cabo?

#1 – Hotel  vs. Home Rental From a Vacation Home Rental Site

When you go to an all-inclusive, you tend to be stuck staying at the resort, and if you like to explore and experience all that this gorgeous part of Mexico has to offer! There is SO much more to see and explore here in Los Cabos. This is the biggest benefit of living here (even just temporarily) you get a much more authentic experience of the Mexican culture.

So, instead of being a hotel or a resort, how about house rental from a vacation home rental site?

You can spend as little as about $50/night for an apartment, or you can live like a king or queen at the top of it all in this stunning penthouse, at one of our very unique properties in downtown Cabo, and the popular Medano Beach is just steps away!

The penthouse is equipped with a gorgeous rooftop with pool and two gourmet kitchens, one being right next to the pool, and a swanky bar with high-end sound system. There is also underground parking and your own private elevator going right into your unit –giving you a very private secure feeling.

There are 3 bedrooms + 5 bathrooms AND 3000 sq. feet that can sleep up to 10 people! That’s enough space for a big group of your friends or family. That means if you were to split it with 10 people, 2 people in each room, that’s ONLY $50/night to live in a luxury home!

#2 – Yes, It’s Safe!

Some people think about spring break in Cabo San Lucas and are immediately worried about safety. Between the heat of the sun and too many boozy drinks, people of all ages are likely to feel sick or forget to use common sense. Unlike other areas in the country, Cabo is known for its safety.

Nowadays, Los Cabos is the fastest-growing destination in Mexico, as quoted by Rodrigo Esponda, managing director of the Los Cabos Tourism Board.

“We now welcome more than three million travelers each year, 70% of whom are repeat visitors, and 20% have come more than four times, and we look forward to welcoming even more during the upcoming summer months as we continue toward another record year for tourism. Many of them have been visiting the destination for several years and even own houses in the destination. As a result, the travel advisory’s impact was blunted by the destination’s built-in resilience.

Los Cabos Tourism Board announced that arrivals to the destination grew by nearly 5% during the first quarter of 2019, representing an increase of more than 25,000 additional travelers compared to the same period in 2018.

#3 – Music and DJs

What makes the parties during spring break in Cabo San Lucas famous are the performances by celebrity DJs and musicians. You don’t have to know EDM (electronic dance music) to feel the infectious beats driving your body to dance, thousands of music lovers surrendering to the rhythm.

This year, Tiesto, Galantis, Cutswell, Loud Luxury, Gucci Mane, Tyga, and Lil Jon are just a few of the celebrities who will make this year’s Cabo San Lucas Spring Break 2020 an epic one!


#4 – Activities and Adventures

It’s not just the parties that make Cabo Mexico one of the hottest spring break destinations. There’s so much more to explore and do. Most groups of students enjoying spring break in Cabo San Lucas head out to sea to party and relax. However, there’s a lot more to do in Cabo than just the typical booze cruise. There are so many outdoor adventures, from the San Jose Art Walk (LINK TO MY OTHER ARTCILE!)  , or deep sea fishing, jet skiing, snorkeling, diving, surfing, zip lines,  ATV, and much more!  With all these things to do in Cabo San Lucas, travelers and fun-seekers from across the world agree that Los Cabos is one of the top spring break destinations.



#5 – Other Awesome “Non-Party” Events

If you are not into dancing and parties, no worries! There’s lots of other events  to check out here too:

Festival Sabores de Baja

March 8th

-This is an event that promotes the local organic food of Baja its traditions and products.

Festival de Arte Todos Santos

March 14 – 17

Festival de Arte Todos Santos MusicPainting -Sculpture -Sale of handicrafts- Dance -Theater -Visual arts -Performing Arts- Literature Gastronomy Exhibition – Parade…

Festival de Cine Todos Santos

March 17 – 22

-The Todos Santos Film Festival

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