To Go Or Not Go – Millions Of Vacationers Still Flocking To Mexico

The LA Times just wrote a great article about all that is happening in the world and traveling to Mexico.  CLICK HERE TO READ. 

I myself and many others living here and traveling here have said they feel more comfortable in Cabo then back home in the States.  Every single month we have at least 10 clients come down to buy Cabo real estate and they are loving life and excited about their new life here.

Yes, the feeling of comfortability is just that…. Feelings. Maybe people feel more secure here in Cabo because of the open air, the adventures of the ocean and desert that are still open to enjoy.   It would seem that Caboians and vacationers are taking precautions, but are not consumed with the thoughts about COVID… We are thinking about surfing, ATVing, walking the beach, dining in open-air restaurants.


Don’t get me wrong… We have our COVID cases here to just like every where in the world, but with open air activities everywhere it would seem that the Caboians and vacationers are not consumed with thoughts and feelings of the virus.

Our opinion… if you are young and healthy and still want to travel… Come to Cabo and enjoy the Ocean air.

If you are looking for a home in Cabo please let us know… We would love to show you around so you can see what it is like living in paradise.

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