The Amazing Sunsets Of The South Baja.

Baja California is well known for many different things like: super high end resorts, luxury Cabo real estate, amazing sports fishing tournaments, world class restaurants, exclusive golf courses, outdoor adventures in land and ocean. Even Jacques Cousteau named it the Waters of the Sea of Cortez the world’s aquarium. In other words there are many things about Baja that make it a very special place.

 Talking about amazing landscapes., it’s important to mention that no matter what you are doing at the time when the sun is about to set get ready for one of the most amazing shows that nature can bring you. The fact is that during the day the soft winds that come from the ocean launch the sand into the atmosphere creating beautiful and breathtaking colors during golden hour.   



So whether you’re strolling the beach on the Pacific Ocean  / Sea of Cortez, enjoying a boat ride, having dinner, or just walking around colonial OldTown San Jose del Cabo take a minute to enjoy  the magnificent sunset of South Baja California. This is one simple but amazing reason to make you want to look for Real estate options in Los Cabos…. To enjoy the wonders of Los Cabos sunsets all year round.



If you want to enjoy the Los Cabos sunset everyday checkout our Cabo Zillow search experience.

– Isaac Sanchez Oropeza

Real Estate Asset Specialist



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