A Spooktacular Halloween Awaits You in Cabo (Oct 31 Issue)

Halloween is just around the corner.

Elsewhere, it’s starting to get cold and chilly. But here in Cabo, the weather is still sunny and everyone is just getting fired up for Halloween.

Spooktacular Cabo

A Cabo Halloween is just like a typical Halloween, celebrated on the eve of October 31st with costumes, candies and parties. But it’s twice the fun and it lasts for days! During Halloween week, you can find costume contests and parties at bars and restaurants. Many establishments are decorated to the hilt and people are dressed up in costumes on Halloween night and throughout the weekend.

Halloween is also a holiday for the kids. There are lots of costume contests they can join in and many hotels and resorts hold events for children. But trick-or-treating is the activity they look forward to the most. They knock door to door or go restaurant-hopping and shout “Halloween! Halloween!” while holding out their bags and pumpkin bowls for residents and tourists to fill in with candies.

Among the popular treats are the sugar skull candies shown below. Both sweet and symbolic, these candies are made of pure sugar and serve as a reminder to children and adult alike not to fear death and to enjoy and appreciate every moment.

Spooktacular Cabo

Another important holiday that comes after Halloween is Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos), celebrated on November 1st and 2nd. This is the time to remember the loved ones who have passed away. Locals put together altars for their deceased loved ones, filling them with things that the person loved throughout his/her life. Some believe that the souls return to earth to visit during the Day of the Dead, so they put marigolds, washbowls and candles to make it easier for the souls to find their way back home. They also visit cemeteries to offer prayers and celebrate the day with their departed loved ones.

Spooktacular Cabo

Halloween in Cabo is fun and festive, and the Day of the Dead, despite being a holiday to remember the departed, is truly a celebration of life. These holidays are just two of the many events in Cabo that reflect its rich, vibrant and enjoyable lifestyle.

If you’re interested in living in Cabo, let us know and we’ll be happy to show you around.

Happy Halloween!

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