Why Use Solar Energy

  • Huge savings on your electricity bills

Save 25% to 100% on your average CFE bill




  • Quickly recoup your initial investment

The price of electricity in Mexico continues to rise 8% per year. Why not use that money for a solar system that will provide free energy for 25-30 years?




  • It’s clean, silent and good for the environment

(Every 20kW of solar energy avoids 10kg of CO2 emissions per year.)

This means cleaner air and a healthy and sustainable environment for you and your family.




  • More affordable than ever


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Why Cabo Green Power?

  • Clean and professional installation
  • Prompt service
  • The best equipment


David and Shiloh, the owners of Cabo Green Power were both born and raised in Colorado.  Raised in an adventurous, outdoor state contributed to their desire to travel and explore new places.  They’ve since travelled all over the world but have settled in San Jose del Cabo where they’ve lived for the last 6 years.  David was raised in a bilingual household and Shiloh picked up Spanish when she lived in San Jose del Cabo as a teenager.  Being able to communicate well in both languages has really helped them to make friends here and to run their solar business together.  Plus, it doesn’t hurt that some of their family has been living here for the past 20 years so they can enjoy having family nearby.  Although they have worked teaching English and in IT in the past, they are both very excited about the potential of solar in Baja.  They are happy to be working in an industry where they are helping the planet, helping their customers and feeling good about what they do.