Six And A Half Reasons Why Canadians Want To Move To Los Cabos

Six And A Half Reasons Why Canadians Want To Move To Los Cabos

Sun, sand, and surf is pretty much the desire of most Canadians, especially in the winter months. Although the question arises, where would you travel to?

For most Canadians, Mexico is the immediate choice and for good reason, but vacationing in Mexico and living in Mexico are two very different animals. Let’s go through some reasons why buying a place and living in Mexico is a great option.

With 355 sunny days a year, Los Cabos is one of the sunniest places on Earth and with sun comes heat!
The winter months in Cabo average around 25 0 C (77 0 F) and go upwards of 37 0 C (98 0 F) in the summer.
The aridness of the desert gives a nice dry climate all year round. With so many benefits of being in the
sun such as high Vitamin D, decreasing stress, strengthening your immune system, and fighting off depression, living in Cabo could help extend your life!

Cabo is a quick four hour flight from British Columbia/Alberta and even closer from the Western Seaboard of the United States. This allows for a quick flight back to visit family or if friends and family were to come visit you.

Los Cabos is one of the safest areas of Mexico and Baja California Sur is considered the safest state in all of Mexico. Whether a tourist or a resident alike, the gentrified area of Los Cabos has enticed and welcomed many Americans and Canadians in recent years with no sign of slowing down. You will get the feeling of being at home amongst the loving people of Mexico.

Los Cabos has a very diverse collection of properties in very diverse areas. With trifecta views of the mountains, the ocean, and/or golf courses, Los Cabos has it all. Your pick! House prices also range to fit any budget – are you looking for a $80,000 condo or a $8,000,000 home? Los Cabos has it. On the talk of property, this brings up our next two points…

Once you purchase a home in Mexico, you may want to only come down and live three to six months a year. In the time that you’re not here, your property can be rented out to bring another income to your household. Investment properties are very popular here and even the occasional foreclosure is available (contact me about that). The second point is…

The average property tax here in Mexico is about 0.001 of the value of the home! Yes, go ahead and do that calculation on your house right now. Quite a difference, eh? Well, that amount can be used to purchase your new home here in Los Cabos!   CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT HOW AFFORDABLE CABO PROPERTY TAX REALY ARE.

Los Cabos has everything imaginable that you would want to do in a warm weather climate. From the best fishing in the world, top 100 golf courses, whale watching, surfing and kite surfing, scuba and snorkeling, yachting, festivals, restaurants, hiking and much more, you will never run out of fun things to do!

Language in the Los Cabos area is not that much of an issue. Most of the Nationals that live here speak English very well so communication in the stores and hotels is usually not an issue. The great thing is that if you try and speak Spanish, the Mexican people love the effort and will really appreciate the effort. They will even help you to speak better Spanish! All in all, Los Cabos is a wonderful place to live and I would love to help you find the vacation home of your dreams. Feel free to get in touch and let’s chat!

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