Real Estate Asset Specialist

about me

I am a husband, a father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and lover of life and happiness.

It did not take much for me to realize that CABO IS FOR ME. My wife, Myrlene, and I vacationed here the first time around 2000 and have spent usually one week sometimes two in this paradise every year since. We and have traveled many places in the world and knew if we ever left the states, Cabo would be the place. In our travels we would always go looking at real estate. Wondering, what it would be like to live here. So, when I retired for good in 2020, there was no other choice. The sunny weather, the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean, the golf, the food, the people. And did I mention the Golf?? But it was the people that made us realize we could live here. The Mexican people, my friends, and new acquaintances have treated us like family from day one.

Born in Sherman Texas, raised in Ft. Worth where I learned sports from my father, music from my friends. Had a Rock & Roll band in the mid-sixties. I have had three successful manufacturing companies that allowed me to do the things I wanted to do and how I wanted to do them. I was a successful engineer in the energy industry. I have worked around, trained, and helped people all my life. I am passionate about the outdoors, love the water, and a lover of music. I enjoy playing guitar and writing songs. I have a passion for writing poetry. I’m a story teller. I’ve lived my life knowing, that nothing is worth having if you can’t earn it honestly. I am now and always have been respectful of all those that step out there, out of their inner self. So now, settled into Cabo, I want to help people that come here experience what I did then and still do. Help them find the place that will make them happy, whether it’s for a winter vacation or a life time.