Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Retire in Los Cabos


The natural beauty and the warmth of the people in Los Cabos are the main reasons why you should retire here. There are also tons of other reasons why you would love to retire here. The list would be endless if we share them all with you. Here is a simple and concise list of the top reasons why it is ideal for those people who are heading into their twilight years to move and retire in Los Cabos.

The Oceans of Los Cabos

Activities Why You Should Retire in Los Cabos

There are two oceans to explore in Los Cabos. Not only are they pristine, they are also bristling with life. You can enjoy numerous water activities like fishing, sailing, and whale watching. Are you visualizing your retirement already?

Easy to Settle Down in Los Cabos

Aside from the perks of accessible five-star hotels, resorts, fine dining, and nightlife, there are many waterfront properties in Los Cabos that became almost unaffordable for retirees. If you have been saving your money all your life to get that dream house with an ocean view in the United States, Canada or Europe, well, you can make your dreams come true now in Los Cabos. Have I told you that the housing market in Los Cabos is one of the most sought after option because of its price and quality? In addition to the nearly affordable house, you can also visit the United States anytime because Los Cabos is located in Baja California Sur which is close to the US. You will surely find solitude in Baja California.

The Weather in Los Cabos

The Weather Why You Should Retire in Los Cabos

The weather in Los Cabos is divine. It is about 78ºF on an average day. The weather is sunny and beautiful in most days. There may be times of bad weather during the hurricane season but expect a higher percentage of consistent sunny days. This means that you can enjoy spectacular Instagram-worthy sunrises and sunsets every day!

The Activities in Los Cabos

Water Sports Why You Should Retire in Los Cabos

When you have a gorgeous weather every day, you will also have more time to spend in enjoying activities under the sun. The climate in Los Cabos is excellent for experiencing all sorts of indoor and outdoor activities. There are many places to visit. As a matter of fact, the place participates in a statewide ecotourism. The location also features six World Championship Golf Courses. You can also find all sorts of water sports in Los Cabos. Above all, Los Cabos is filled with fun events and activities all year round!

The People in Los Cabos

People of Los Cabos

You can retire in a beautiful location and have an amazing weather for the whole year but you cannot always find the best people to grow old with. In Los Cabos, the people are awesome and friendly. Cabo people love to sell crafts and services. They also welcome foreigners and embrace tourism in their town.

Aside from being a world-class travel destination, a popular vacation spot for celebrities, and a romantic wedding spot, Los Cabos is a prime location for retirees. Whether you come here to retire or simply travel, let us know and we will show you around! Come to Los Cabos and experience the culture. Like what millennials would always say, YOLO! You only live once!