Things to Consider Before Moving to Los Cabos

Moving to Los Cabos

Moving to Los Cabos brings a high level of excitement to anyone but it also raises tons of questions. If you have been contemplating about moving to Los Cabos, Mexico, you are definitely not alone. When you get to experience the beauty and culture in Los Cabos, you will simply want more. People who got to spend a three-day vacation in Los Cabos found their stay amazing. They simply want to live there. Los Cabos has been an excellent and popular location to live in, especially for the retiring foreign community. Here is a brief guide that can help you in relocating to Los Cabos.

1. Ask for immigration advice before moving to Los Cabos

In the past two years, there have been a number of significant changes in the rules and procedures for immigrating to Mexico. You need to know about the paperwork and documents required for immigrating. You may pay firms and businesses to process your visa. You can also check the Mexico’s immigration department directly at On the site, you will find the updated document requirements, paper works, and procedures. However, everything on the site is written in Spanish. At the moment, the procedures for retirees who wish to live there and professionals who want to work there are different. You can check for advice at the nearest consulate of your country.

2. Are you going to live part-time or permanently in Cabo?

Some people test the waters first and live part-time in Los Cabos before committing to a permanent residency. On a tourist visa, you can stay for 6 months then apply for an extension. Or you can fly back home, spend a few months and come back to Cabo again to get another 6 months. Others make the big jump, sell everything they own and are 100% sure about relocating in Los Cabos. How much time you’d like to spend living in this beautiful town will affect the other factors that you should consider before making the move.

3. Decide for the type place to live

Relocating to Los Cabo San Lucas

You can either choose to buy or rent a home. If you plan to live in Los Cabos for a long time, you can opt to buy a home because it would be more cost effective. Affordable homes for average residents are getting picked day by day. Now is the best time for you to get them before their prices start rising. Check out our Featured Listings for our handpicked and best-valued property listings available.

You also have the option to live in a resort but it can be tedious and expensive over time. You may also live in a gated community and condominiums. Some places to look at are Pedregal, Ventanas, Punta Ballena, Rancho Paraiso, Hermitage, etc. Check out more gated communities here.

4. How do you plan to support yourself?

Do you plan to work or start a business in Los Cabos? You should consider your goal and make sure that all papers, proofs, and contracts needed are ready before you move. Do note that foreigners are not allowed to work in Mexico unless the work is something that locals can’t do. Another option is to start a business. Be sure to consult expert advice on the matter since immigration rules may change at any time.

It’s best to plan ahead and set aside funds to tide you over for a certain period of time while you’re working out your source of income while living in Los Cabos.

5. Consult and contact movers

When crossing the border, it is helpful to consult movers. They can help you decide how much of your household should come with you to Los Cabos. At the moment, you have to be physically in Los Cabos and you must be registered with the immigration before any of your household and belongings can cross the border. This is crucial because there may be a need for you to look for a temporary housing. Also, don’t forget to ask your mover about delays in moving your items.

6. Sell your things before moving

This is important if you’re moving to Los Cabos permanently. If you purchased or will be renting a fully-furnished house, you might not need to bring a lot of stuff. In order to lighten your load, you should start planning how to sell your things. Know the cost of moving your things and determine the ones you can to sell from the ones you want to bring with you to Cabo. Selling all your belongings can be a tedious and long process so allow several months of lead time.

7. Import your vehicle to Los Cabos

If you’re a US or Canadian citizen, you’re in luck because driving a car with US or Canadian plates in Cabo is perfectly legal, as long as the foreign plates are current. In most cases, it’s also cheaper to buy car in the US and Canada, and foreign auto insurance in Los Cabos is less expensive for car bearing foreign plates. These are the reasons why many Cabo residents (both full and part time) prefer to import their vehicles from US or Canada, than buy or rent one in Mexico.

For non-US and non-Canadian titled cars, importing will require some paper works. As always, an expert advice will always guide you like a guardian angel.

Living in Lucas Cabo

Moving to Los Cabos can be a challenging task and some of the tips above might appear to be a bit daunting but once you are able to fulfill your dream of living in a paradise, all the hassles and headaches will be worth it. You would love how the holiday season is celebrated in Los Cabos!






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