Mother’s Day in Cabo: Make Your Mom the Happiest Mother in the World

Celebrate Mother’s Day in Los Cabos

Mother’s Day in Cabo Mexico celebrates Mother’s Day every 10th of May. But to the rest of the world, Mother’s Day is today, May 14th. If you happen to be in Los Cabos to celebrate this very important occasion, here are some simple but sweet and meaningful activities you can do to show how much you love and appreciate your mom (or the mother of your kids) on this special day.
Mother’s Day in Cabo  

Start the Day with a Good Breakfast

If you’re staying in a hotel, you can request a special room service. If you’re staying in a rental or your own home, hire a private chef to prepare a delicious breakfast for her. Better yet, if you know how to cook, serve her favorite breakfast meal and include a bouquet of flowers to start her day on a high note.
Mother’s Day in Cabo  

Relax on the Beach or Do Water Activities

If you’re mom is more of a laid-back person, spending the day on the beach – reading a book, lounging or having a picnic will be right up her alley. But if she’s the adventurous type, indulging in some water activities like parasailing, snorkeling or jet skiing is something she will definitely enjoy. Or you can take a tour aboard a luxury yacht and delight her with all the beautiful spots in Los Cabos.
Mother’s Day in Cabo  

Luxuriate in an Afternoon Spa

Nothing says pampered and relaxed more than treating your mom to a spa. Los Cabos is home to some of the world’s best spa. There are several spas with beautiful ocean views to take relaxing to the next level. You can also hire a therapist and have a massage in the convenience of your home or rental suite. However you do it, this will surely be the highlight of her day.
Mother’s Day in Cabo  

End the Day with a Sumptuous Dinner

Romantic dinners are not only for romantic partners. She will feel honored and special if you ask her to dress up, take her out to a nice restaurant and have a fancy dinner as you reminisce wonderful memories or share your plans for the future, or talked just about anything. Moms love a good talk and conversation with family members will always be treasured moments.

Mother’s Day in Cabo  

Top off the Celebration with a Present

It doesn’t have to be expensive (but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give her expensive gifts). Anything that will remind her of this day is enough – a token for each activity you had is a good idea. Or a Mother’s Day card – putting into words how great she is and much you love her will surely bring her to tears and make her feel the happiest mother in the world.
Of course, the ultimate gift of all is a KEY to a LOS CABOS HOME. If you’d like to give your parents, your family or yourself a piece of this beautiful paradise, call us at +1-310-860-6063 (US) or +52 1 624 688 6841 (Mexico) or email us at

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