Here at CaboCribs Real Estate’s we strive to provide you with a five star service in your search of Luxury unique properties. Following this goal, we are constantly educating ourselves in order to improve our customer’s experience. This is why we decided to join Leverage Global Partner; an international community of independent brokerage firms. But what exactly does L.G.P. provide and, most importantly, what are the benefits for you home seekers?

First and foremost, Leverage Global Partners gathers a community of selected real estate agencies with the same standards of care, expertise and service. As a member of this community we are accompanied by the L.G.P team to develop quality innovative strategies in order to elevate our value proposition. More precisely, when it comes to luxury real estate we understand that our clients come first, and that each of our clients comes to us with different needs and expectations. That being said, our agency and the L.G.P team will now work hand in hand to helps us build a one-to-one marketing strategy aiming to tailor our offers to your specific needs.

Moreover, Leverage Global Partner provides a worldwide digital platform allowing our agency to elevate its promotion strategy. No matter where you are in the world L.G.P will update you, in real time, with all our best offers in the Baja region.


CaboCribs Real Estate is proud to join this International community of over five thousand real estate professionals. Following our mission, we will spare no costs to provide you with our “Fun-Luxury” experience and help you find your dream house in the exquisite landscapes of Baja California.

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