La ribera Real Estate an upcoming retirement village

La Ribera rela estate development opportunities

We at CaboCribs are always on the lookout to see where the next best thing will be happening. And we can finally confirm it is happening with the La Ribera real estate.

Developments currently happening at the la Ribera real estate

Right at this moment we know there are several big developments happing right at the la Ribera real estate area. For one the 4 Seasons resort is currently under construction as we are writing this article. With the main features the 4 season resort will also provide houses and condos for people to buy right up at the beach for not less then 2 million USD!

Another resort being build around the same area is the Aman resorts. This will be just north from the 4 seasons resort and on the left when driving up from downtown to the beach.

CaboCribs Own Developments

Right north from the Aman Resort, we have a great opportunity for people looking to build their own paradise home right on the beach. With more then 50 lots and 10 lots right on the beach this is the best place when you love to have your own space in a quiet lovely village just to enjoy some quality time for you and your family.

And the best thing of it all is that the lots come as almost half an acre in size for an amazing bottom price of 200.000 USD!! that is 80% cheaper then the lots for sale at the 4 seasons!

If you want to have a piece of paradise for an amazing price please go to our contact page to contact our broker LeeRoy Jarvis who will gladly help you with more information as to how to buy properties in Mexico and can set up a showing of the property. In case you aren’t in Cabo San Lucas at the moment but wish to see the lots, we offer exclusive footage made for you to show you how the pieces of land are and with a drone get a good view of the size and it’s surroundings.

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