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If You Like Jimmy Buffett… Then You Will Love The East Cape Baja Lifestyle

Posted by Jeremy on December 18, 2020
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If you want to know then keep on reading.
Before cruise ships, beach vendors, thumping music and high rise mega resorts Los Cabo was the sleepy fishing town much like you will find today in the East Cape, which is just north/east up the Baja from San Jose del Cabo. Ever wonder what it would be like to ride an ATV down the dirt roads of Cabo and chill on the beach at mango deck with no hustle-&-bustle?

Then hangout with me… Just 90 minutes north.

East Cape Life
While traveling up the east side of the Baja, after leaving Los Cabos, the first town you will find is Los Barriles.   With a population of around 5000 locals and ex-pats you will enjoy the old Baja lifestyle…. It is an adventure…  It is chill… It is relaxing.

Don’t be fooled by the East Cape’s rustic environment though… It has everything from beach shacks, beautiful homes and million dollar mansions all with amazing ocean views. CLICK HERE To See For Yourself East Cape & Cabo Real Estate.

With few paved roads, no stop signs and a very active community the transportation of choice for many is an ATV, which are exactly like the once very accessible beaches of Los Cabos.   The beaches here on the East Cape and Bahía de Los Palmas are the focus and heartbeat of our community, which promote a lifestyle like something out of a Jimmy Buffett song.

Imagine, in the morning, launching your Kite (kiting surfing), jet skis, your boat or paddle board off the beach in front of your house.  Throwing out a line 20 feet from your patio to catch tuna, marlin, dorado.  And in the afternoon jump in your Polaris Razor or Can-Am Dune-buggy and rip into the desert / mounts to find undiscovered waterfalls up around the Sierra de La Laguna mountains.

With everything going on in the world you just might find that a Jimmy Buffett lifestyle is what you need.  Not only is it good for your soul and increasing your lifestyle, but also could be the best investment choice of your life.

Four Reasons Why The East Cape Could Be Your Best Investment Choice

1. A lifestyle in the States that can come close to an ocean view or beachfront lifestyle you would have to be a multi-millionaire. The East Cape does not judge… It is perfect for all economic lifestyles.
2. Property taxes – Your beachfront home / lifestyle in the states comes with a property tax bill of about $35,000 a year.  This same house on the East Cape is about $3,000.  Read More Here
3. One of the world most luxurious Hospitality chains THE FOUR SEASONS RESORTwill be your neighbor.   The East Cape is the next investment boom!   Buy Now Before everyone figures this out… Beachfront Land and homes are still affordable.  They soon won’t be.   CLICK HERE To See For Yourself.
The Four Seasons East Cape
4. Last-but-not-least…. The gorgeous marina project that is going in right now…. You got a fishing boat or yacht… Now you have a marina.
East Cape Marina
So if you want to live the good life… If you want to catch the next boom… Then call me.
I have 35 years of practice living and playing on the East Cape… Let me help you live the dream and find your vacation or permanent dream home here in my little slice of heaven called the East Cape.
-Troy Tiney
Troy Tiney Cabo Real Estate Asset Specialist

Troy Tiney
Real Estate Asset Specialist

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