Real Estate Asset Specialist

about me

Raised and educated in Argentina, then in the United States, Florencia is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian. She is a skilled and empathetic communicator by nature, a quality which has contributed to her success as an entrepreneur and real estate professional, most notably in marketing, sales, and client coaching.

First licensed as a real estate agent in New York, Florencia has been instrumental in helping her clients achieve their buying, selling, and investment goals for almost a decade. When purchasing her own first home in Los Cabos, she saw the tremendous potential value of homeownership, both financial and personal, in the local market, and she began to encourage and assist friends, family and students to buy properties and move to this beautiful, vibrant, multicultural community of Los Cabos.

In addition to her mission of making homeowners' dreams come true, Florencia enjoys a variety of activities, including teaching languages, learning to play cello, staying fit and healthy and traveling to visit family and friends around the world.