Make Your December Memorable in Cabo (Dec 1 Issue)

Spend the Holidays in Los Cabos

Are you tired of the cold and damp Christmas in your place? Or maybe you just want to have a change of scenery for the holidays? Go to the warm and beautiful Los Cabos. Vibrant with activities, its sunny towns and surrounding places will always have something for everyone. Here is a roundup of five unique activities that will make your December this year memorable.

December MemorableGo Fishing or Whale-Watching
In the town of San Cabo Lucas, one of the most popular activities for tourists is its world-class fishing. During the winter months, you have a good chance at getting blue and striped marlin, along with mahi-mahi, snapper and yellowfin tuna. Aside from fishing, another great water activity is watching whales as they migrate from Bering Sea to Baja to mate and feed.

December MemorableExplore the Town of Todos Santos
The tranquil Todos Santos is a great way to de-stress for the holidays. Walking through its streets, you will find several stores selling beautiful handicrafts. There is also an array of cafes, galleries and restaurants to explore and enjoy. For the adrenaline junkie, surfing is a popular activity here during winter, particularly in Cerritos, La Pastora and Playa Pescadero.

December MemorableVisit San Jose del Cabo Main Square
To get a glimpse of the old Mexico, head on to San Jose where you will see the stunning Main Plaza and Historic District where a range of shops, art galleries and boutiques showcase all the best the town can offer. During the holidays, the San Jose center is beautifully decorated with a big Christmas tree right in the middle of the main square.

December MemorableEat Mexican Food and Sweets
Baja California and Cabo San Lucas is slowly becoming a popular destination for foodies all around the world. They have everything for every appetite, from private cooks to international chefs to street stand cooks. The scene has become a gourmet destination that several internationally-renowned chefs have already moved here and given local Cabo cuisine their own touch.

December MemorableSwim and Sunbathe in the Beaches
Los Cabos has lots of beachfront villas that will let you feel like its summer on Christmas. December temperatures go anywhere from 70 to 80 degrees so you will have a nice, even tan to show off to your friends when you get back home. Lounge in any of the beautiful beaches in the region that stretch from the Sea of Cortez to the Pacific Ocean.

With all these exciting places, activities and more, it will not be a surprise that you will find yourself spending Christmas and all your other holidays in Los Cabos. If you are considering making this your yearly getaway, go to and get all the help in finding the perfect home for you in this Mexican paradise.

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