Swim With Dolphins

swim with dolphins los cabosswim with dolphins los cabos

Swim With Dolphins

An unsurpassable opportunity to enjoy the most interaction possible with this beautiful marine animal.

Included: bottle of water and towel.

Restrictions: no sunscreen, jewelry, cameras.

Duration: 10 minutes of presentation and 40 minutes of dolphin interaction.

Minimum age: 5 – 10 years must be accompanied by a paying adult to take the activity with them.

Activities carried out in the encounter:

  1. Introduction to anatomy, physiology and history.
  2. Interaction with the dolphin, feeding, kiss, show free time and platform time.
  3. You can choose from: belly ride, dorsal ride, underwater ride and underwater belly ride.

Departure sites:

Cabo Dolphins Dolphinarium in Cabo San Lucas Marina.

Cabo Dolphins Dolphinarium in San José del Cabo.

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