Close Encounter with the Giants of the Seas| Newsletter January 1st

Close Encounter with the Giants of the Seas

Close Encounter with the Giants of the Seas

Every year, starting their Journey in October, the Eastern Pacific population of gray whales begins a 5,000 to 7,000 mile journey from the Seas of the region of Russia, Alaska and Canada all the way to the Southern Gulf of California and the Baja peninsula. The purpose of the migration to the south is reproduction with female grays giving birth in a few select areas like Scammon’s Lagoon close to the city of Guerrero Negro and Magdalena Bay, close to the small town of Puerto San Carlos which is an hour driving from the city of Constitucion. A great portion of those whales find their way to the end of the peninsula and into the southern regions of the Sea of Cortez where the water temperatures are perfect for these Giants. For the tourists amongst us, that represents a phenomenal opportunity to get up close and personal with these magnificent mammals. Whale watching season in Los Cabos runs from December thru April. If you’re coming down to Los Cabos during that time period, we encourage you to take a day to experience the spectacle of breaching and spy hopping mothers with their calves close by.

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