cabo san lucas real estate agents

cabo san lucas real estate agents

Los Cabos has many different avenues for you to explorer what it means to be on vacation in Mexico. But our cabo san Lucas real estate agents are one of the best to show you what it means to live in Mexico. And we do our best to make you experience it like a local. Because let’s be fair, a vacation in a town is different then living there. And even though Cabo isn’t far away from home, it is still another country with its own laws, culture, language, and curiosities.

And to make your search for a new home worthwhile, our cabo san Lucas real estate agents will help you not only with looking for a new home. But also help you see all the things you might need to know surrounding those properties. How the gated communities work, where to nearest convenience store is, or the regular groceries store.

But also they will help you find where to do the activities for you and your family, which beaches are close by or the towns you can visit while living downhere. They will even go camping with you to show them the sweet spots! (just kidding)

visit our page for more information.

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cabo san lucas real estate mls

Cabo san Lucas real estate mls

CaboCribs. com has the most extensive list of the Cabo San Lucas real estate MLS of all real estate agents in the area. This is made possible thanks to the design of our website and a dedicated server that processes all the extensive data of the MLS list.

Every day the cabo san Lucas real estate MLS is being updated due to every day sales and new listings added every time and to give you the latest listings and to make sure you will not be interested in a place that has been sold already. check out more about the cabo san Lucas real estate here.

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Pescadero Real Estate is booming!

Pescadero Real Estate

One of the smaller places in Los Cabos is Pescadero. And believe me, the Pescadero real estate is an upcoming area for beach lovers!

Pescadero has always been a small fishers village, and probably will stay that way too. And that makes this small community so perfect for retirees or families who love the quiet life. Still it is very close by to Cabo San Lucas where you can do all your main shopping in the larger malls that are located across town. But when coming back, leaving that rural life behind you, that is when you really start to enjoy this small town.

Pescadero Real Estate

Even though this is a small village, Pescadero does have quite some different options when it comes to properties. There are some condos for sale plus some homes right on the beach! but the most common thing that is been sold are pieces of land. And since it is a small community, prices are really low!

visit this link to see all the properties that are on the market right now!

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Cabo Real Estate for sale

Cabo Real Estate

This is THE BEST website to find Cabo Real estate. Here at CaboCribs we have always the newest listings and we are the first ones to display them on our pages. Our real estate market here in cabo san Lucas is booming! Every month new plans are made and new development projects start increasing the real estate market. Therefore you can buy for yourself as a home owner, or looking for an investment property for in the future. here at Cabo Real estate it is all possible.


Long term investment

Right at this moment there are many different options to buy land for a very reasonable price. Here in Los Cabos real estate and mostly barren lots are very much wanted because of there location. Therefore big companies and resort are buying them up making your property be worth more then triple as what you paid for. The new 4 Seasons resorts is being build in the East Cape as well as the Aman resort. couple of 100 feet away there you can buy same property and beach views as in this resorts for more then half price lower. Once the resorts are build and people start flooding in your property and especially if you have build a home will increase its value tremendously.


Short term investment

If you do not want to wait so long to start making money of your Cabo Real estate there is another way. You start buy buying a property whether it is a house or a condo. and then you rent it in the months you aren’t in Cabo. that way if you publish it right you can earn some serious money. You can earn up to $200,000 USD a year! Besides that you always have a place where you can come back to and enjoy it for yourself during the holidays.

Come and visit our listings page and look for the property you are interested in. Also like our Facebook page to stay up to date with the newest news about Cabo Real estate and everything else Los Cabos has to offer.

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Real Estate Pescadero

Real Estate Pescadero

Are you looking for real estate pescadero? Then we at Cabocribs have everything you need! We are one of the few real estate agency that has an office in this loving small town.

On our website you find all MLS listings that are right now available in pescadero. All condos, houses, or land we have it all!! Our agents in Pescadero have lived there for a very long time and have great connections with the local community.

they can explain to you everything there is to know about this small loving fishermans town. And because of their connection they are able to negotiate good deals for your real estate pescadero.

Pescadero only has around the two thousand inhabitants. even though it is a small town, it is very spacious.

Real estate Pescadero

Real estate Pescadero

And there is plenty of lots for sale that are close to the beach which will not cost you a fortune. The main activities you have in pescadero are nature activities. which includes hiking, climbing, camping, bird watching, whale watching in winter time, swimming, surfing, fishing, star gazing and more.

If you want to come down and explore all the fascinating things pescadero has and want to experience the village life, we can show you around and show you the houses or properties that are available.

If you want to do some of the activities mentioned or want to do something else we can help you set up the activity and guide you to the place or let you know what are the best places to do these activities.

You do not have the time to come down but still want to see what pescadero is like? No problem! with our 3D imaging we can show you how it will be like to walk around in the property of you choosing.

We also can send you a short video of how the town is like and what it is like to walk around and spend your time there. Anything that you might need to make the decission to start a new life in paradise!

visit our mls listings for the pescadero area here.


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Pescadero Condos

Pescadero Condos

Pescadero condos located in a small town with only 1,634 habitants with plenty of pescadero real estate to choose from. The climate of Pescadero is one of the best in Baja California Sur. Influenced by the Pacific Ocean, which moderates the temperatures during the whole year. In the summer the nice ocean brease maintaining the heat bearable. In winter time, which in general are the months March and May, are caracterized for it soft warm and dropping temperatures at night.


So if you are looking for a place to stay where it is quiet but still close by to Cabo San Lucas or the magic town of Todos Santos then this is the place for you! We at CaboCribs can give you the help you need! With our own office in Pescadero where we have agents who spend a lifetime in this nice town, can tell you all about the ins and outs of the place and can help you to find the best Pescadero Condos that is available.

Search on our website for the area of pescadero and see which property you like, We have condos, Houses, Ranchos and more. The pescadero beaches are nice and quiet. The tourist haven´t found this beauty yet!



visit Cabocribs.com/contact-us for more information

Pecadero condos beach

Pescadero Condos


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Oceanfront Real Estate

Oceanfront Real Estate

When you think of Los Cabos, or Cabo San Lucas, you think sun, beach, ocean and good times. And most of the times when you got a taste of what Cabo has to offer you want to stay permanently. And then the most tempting amazing spots are the oceanfront real estate properties.

There is a couple of things you need to know before buying oceanfront real estate in Los Cabos and why you should buy now and not wait!


living at the beach

There is not a nicer feeling then waking up well rested and open the curtains of your bedroom and look out over the ocean. with your binoculars you look for humpback whales and their young. Living at the beach in Los Cabos is simply amazing. You can go and sit on your balcony or in your yard and enjoy the sand of the waves crashing on the sand and rocks. When you feel like to go for a swim it is just a short walk down. And do not forget you snorkel set since there is tons of wildlife to explorer underneath the ocean surface.

At night you can enjoy the amazing view of the stars and moon that light up the beach and surroundings. There is no light polution anywhere close by and with your naked eye you are able to see the milky way and star clusters and perhaps a galaxy or 2. Yes you can not make a mistake with buying an oceanfront property.


But you do need to be fast. Los Cabos is not a secret anymore and many people found out how wonderful live is here and how amazingly good priced the oceanfront real estate is. So visit our mls search page or go to quick links to find the oceanfront properties that are for sale right now!


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Real Estate Cabo San Lucas

Real Estate Los Cabos

There are so many reasons for you to come down and leave your cold house and visit Los cabos and Fidn a home that is suitable for you! The real Estate market in los Cabos is strong and blooming. And we at CaboCribs offer you the best service a real estate agent has to offer you.

We go far and beyond to meet your needs. We use the latest technology to provide you with the best service possible. We shoot videos, use drones and even make 3D models with the Matterport we have to give you the best look of a house as possible even before you come down and look at it.

With all these different techniques you do not even to come down if you want a tour of the house. and you can go back and visit as many times as possible befor deciding which house is perfect for you.


Cabo san Lucas Real estate

The city of Cabo San Lucas contains a lot of history and from the beginning it has been a lively city. from the time of pirates making this their harbour for resting till now when you can explorer and do all kinds of activities on the waters of the sea of Cortez.

But if you want to relax and take it easy, then Cabo San Lucas is also the place to do that. Within its outskirt you find many beatufil Gated communities which offer an amazing view on the arch of cabo San Lucas and the surrounding oceans. And watch the suinrise and sun set over the ocean and enjoy the beautiful night sky.






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Property Taxes in Mexico (FAQ)

Property taxes in Mexico must be clearly understood before buying or selling real estate in Los Cabos. It is crucial for you to have a good grasp of the laws before buying and selling real estate to avoid errors and incorrect decisions. The best route to take is to meet a broker, lawyer, and the bookkeeper to ensure everything on the process runs smoothly. Keep on reading to discover some basic knowledge about the property taxes in Mexico.

What is Transfer Tax?

One of the common property taxes in Mexico is the Transfer tax. This is the tax you have to pay when buying real estate in Los Cabos. It is a 2% acquisition tax that the buyer pays when the property changes hands.

Why should I pay the Transfer Tax?

Real Estate Property Taxes in MexicoIf you pay the 2% acquisition tax in getting your property trust, you will be eligible in obtaining an inflationary credit every year. It will be from the Mexican government. The additional credit is promptly added to your cost basis when you sell your house. The credit is related to consumer index adjustment.

In the past, when inflation was higher, credits in excess of fifteen percent has been possible. The percentage is applied to a cost basis for property acquisitions. Let’s say you have a million-dollar property. If you get the 15% applied, a huge amount of $150,000 can be added to your cost basis every year. This only means that if ever you decide to sell your property in the future, the capital gains tax will also reduce in significant amounts because your cost basis gets higher and higher.

How much are Capital Gains Taxes in Mexico?

Capital gains taxes in Mexico are taken from the profit you receive from selling a property or home. When you sell a property, you owe the government with the capital gains tax. According to the law, you have two options to choose from in order to pay this property tax.

  1. You can pay 25% of the gross sales amount with no deductions. Gross sales amount refers to the declared value of the transaction.
  2. You can pay 35% of the net value with multiple deductions included. Net value refers to the difference between the assessed values at the time you bought the property and the value when you sell it. Important matters should be taken into consideration when calculating these multiple deductions:
    • The time the property was held
    • Improvements made
    • Commissions paid
    • Other allowable expenses.

We strongly suggest you get an accountant or a notary public to calculate the value in both ways and take the one where you can pay lower capital gains tax. Whichever option you choose, Mexico offers procedures and laws that will help you optimize the cost.

How important is it to record real purchase price value?

Property Taxes in MexicoNever indicate a property value lower than what you really paid for to get away with obligations in paying the correct property taxes in Mexico. It will help you save a few bucks for now but not really in the future. There have been numerous mistakes in the past that cost people more money. We want to help you avoid those errors too so we will go through them now. Before, there were Real Estate companies who encourage indicating a lower purchase price value on Trust documents to help their clients lessen the tax. People were under the wrong impression that a lesser price recorded on the trust will help clients save money on the 2% acquisition tax. Yes, in a way, they saved money. However, you will see the point of indicating the correct value once you decide to sell the property in the future.

Capital gains taxes are calculated by subtracting the value you have recorded on the trust from the sale price of the property. If you have indicated a lower value of the property upon initial purchase, you will have to pay more capital gains tax, which is probably more than the money you save from the 2% acquisition tax. This is why it is important to record, check, and DOUBLE check if the purchase price indicated on your trust document is the exact and correct amount you paid.

How will I know if my value is accurately recorded?

A great broker will be in charge of facilitating and creating the completion of your trust. He will also be in charge of reviewing all documents to ensure everything is accurate and correct. Once the document is presented to you, you can also double check all the documents and ask questions if needed. When checking your documents, be sure to pay close attention to the amount written in text. The trust document will indicate the amount in Mexican peso or US dollars. The document should also contain the current exchange rate. If there is none indicated, you can check for the rates online or the bank and ask the notary to write it on the trust document. Ideally, you will get a certified translation of your Spanish trust.

Should I be concerned about the primary residence capital gains exclusion?

Resident Tax Incentive Capital Gains Exeption Property Taxes in MexicoMexico provides residents to a capital gains tax incentive for their main residence. According to the law, you are not required to pay capital gains tax if the property you are selling is your primary residence. This means you have to obtain a residency status in Mexico to tale advantage of this incentive.

There are a few requirements for you to establish a residency status in Mexico. First, you must prove that the property was your primary residence for five years. You must provide documents under your name that proves your five-year residence: proof of a bank account, utility statements, and trust information. You will also be asked to provide a working permit (FM2) or a residence visa. In some cases, the tax ID is needed.

Please bear in mind that these are simple guidelines of the requirements. You must talk to your local Notary before closing to ensure you are eligible for the exemption. [In some parts of Mexico, the public notary exempts foreigners with either Residente Temporal and Residente Permanente. In other parts, only foreigns with Residente Permanente residency is exempted.]

Here are some important bits of information to bear in mind when it comes to property taxes in Mexico:

  1. You are not allowed to have two primary residences. If you want to take advantage of the capital gains exclusion in the future, you must give up your US or Canada residency status before you claim your home in Mexico as your primary residence.
  2. Capital gains tax exemption is a law for residents of Mexico. You must have a residency. It is not for property owners who only use their property as a second home on vacations.
  3. The purchase price of the property has no direct impact on your annual property tax.
  4. You can attach the Capital Gains tax you paid in Mexico to your US or Canada taxes.
  5. Pay the correct taxes, declare the right property value, and enjoy long-term benefits in the future.

Just like in Canada and the United States, there are no shortcuts or legal ways around paying taxes; paying property taxes in Mexico is no different. Having safety measures will allow you to protect your home, property, and investments. Simply follow the law and have the best advisors, be it a lawyer, a bookkeeper, and the broker!  If you need more advice on buying real estate in Los Cabos, you may call us at +011 521 (624)164 2607. Are you ready to find your next home?

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Los Cabos Real Estate: Manifesting Construction (FAQ)

Los Cabos Real Estate, buying one is a process, already owning one is still a process. It requires knowledge to ensure you always abide the law and do things correctly. On this article, we will dig deeper into the processes involved when you already purchased a real estate property and you want to tweak things up by constructing and building.

What is manifesting construction?

Steps in Manifesting Construction in Los Cabos Real EstateManifesting refers to the action of recording the sum of money used in the construction, renovation, or remodeling of a property. There is a need to manifest the construction of your property to ensure it is added to your property’s cost basis. Manifesting construction is also a great way to reduce capital gains tax. When manifesting construction for your Los Cabos Real Estate, it is vital to put everything in documents. Proper documentation will ensure that your construction costs are recognized.

Why is there a need to manifest my construction?

Manifesting the construction of your Los Cabos Real Estate will be most beneficial to you in the future when you decide to sell your property. If you will correctly add manifested costs to the cost basis of your property, the capital gains tax will also significantly reduce when you sell it. Both the manifested cost and the property cost indicated on your trust are added together to form the net value. Then, the net value and the current sale price of your real estate property become the basis for the capital gains tax. The net value is subtracted to the sale price to get the profit. From that amount, the tax percentage is obtained.

If you have missed or disregarded manifesting your construction, the Mexican tax law will not recognize your construction costs at all. You will not be able to use the manifested cost as a deductible expense for your capital gains tax. Even if you have compiled all of your construction related receipts, checks, and bank statements, none of these documents will be useful if you have not completed manifesting your constructions.

How do I manifest the construction of my Los Cabos Real Estate?

Construction Value: Manifesting Construction in Los Cabos Real EstateBefore you start your property construction, you must decide first on how to structure your financial arrangements with your contractor. Your two main options are Cost Plus and Fixed Bid. If you use Fixed Bid, make it clear with the contractor that you want a factura with no 11% sales tax added to each payment. If the contractor agrees, ensure that it is in writing in your construction contract. Once the financial arrangement is decided, you can start the with the process of pulling your building permit. Getting the building permit is the first step in manifesting your property correctly. Then, closely record all expenses. When the construction is complete, you must follow steps in declaring termination of work. We’ll go into more details in the next questions on how each step is carried out.

How can I pull a Building Permit?

In order to begin and finish any construction, you will need a building permit. The permit is obtained from the Departamento de Obras Publicas or Department of Public Works. Obtaining the building permit is one of the important tasks of your contractor. However, you should be responsible for checking and ensuring all information are correct: Below are the information you must be watchful about.

  1. Beneficiary name/s on the permit must be the same name/s indicated on your trust.
  2. Based on how much you and your contractor agrees upon, the approximate amount they say your construction would cost must correctly reflect on the permit.

The fee for the permit is obtained based on the estimated value of your construction. This is why it is important that the value is correct. Do not allow your contractor to indicate a reduced amount on the permit. It’s just not economical in the long run. Again, capital gains taxes become an issue in the future.

What do I do after  the construction is finished?

Contractor Manifesting Construction in Los Cabos Real EstateHurray, the construction is complete! The next step for you is to complete the manifestation of your construction. You must take your building permit back to the Departamento de Obras Publicas. You also have to bring a letter. Either you or your contractor can write this letter. The letter should state the total amount you spent on your Los Cabos Real Estate construction. You must also indicate that the construction is complete. The letter is intended to request for an official statement of completion which they call “Aviso de Termination de Obra” or “Letter of Termination of Works”. After your request for the letter, there a few more things you must do.

What happens if taxes are not paid correctly?

You must ensure that all taxes are paid correctly, most especially the Social Security taxes. If you do not pay them properly, it can become a huge problem in the future. Your property can be sold to force payment if taxes are not paid correctly. Before you get the Letter of Termination of Works, you should receive the Social Security letter first. The letter is called “Carta de Razonabilidad de Pago” which can be translated to “Letter of Reasonability of Payment”. If the amount you pay for Social Security taxes corresponds to the amount of your construction, there should be no problem. Once you get it, keep it safe as it will be a proof that you followed the processes correctly. It will also serve as your protection from future claims of Social Security tax non-payment.

How do I complete manifesting my construction?

Once you have both the Letter of Reasonability of Payment and Letter of Termination of Works, take them to Oficina de Catastro or tax office. The letter will  serve as the document establishing the construction cost basis in the tax office. The manifested value will be recorded and added to the cost basis, as reflected in your trust document. Congratulations! You have made it to the last step in manifesting your Los Cabos Real Estate. You have completed manifesting your construction and established an accurate tax basis for your property!

Here are some important bits of information to bear in mind during the process:

  1.  Never begin a construction without a trust. Trust documents are needed to obtain a building permit, to begin with.
  2. Like what we always say, never indicate incorrect values to get away with taxes. Annual property taxes in Mexico are low while capital gains taxes aren’t. Better pay the correct amount now or suffer later.
  3. Always manifest your constructions!

These are just some of the things you should know about buying real estate in Los Cabos. Every process is unique. They can vary on a case-to-case- basis. If you need more advice about Los Cabos Real Estate, you may call us at +011 521 (624)164 2607. Are you ready to find your next home?

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