Cabo San Lucas Real Estate lots for sale

Cabo San Lucas real estate lots for sale beachfront

Many people often wonder if they can get something else in Cabo San Lucas besides just houses or condos. and the answer is yes! You can also buy Cabo San Lucas real estate lots for sale.

Why buy lots

There are many different people in the world and everyone is looking for something different. People who come to Cabo decorate and paint their homes the way they feel most comfortable. But not everyone will like the way you have made it. Or perhaps you are looking for a layout of house or a location or both. And you simply can not find something you are looking for.

Then buying a lot and start building your own home is the perfect solution. This way you can decide on what kind of house you want. What lay out it will have. How you will decide on how to use the land, etcetera.

Cabo San Lucas real estate lots for sale. And there are plenty of lots all across the Los Cabos area. and we at cabocribs have one of the best places right now for you to buy. It is in the east cape. like 30 min drive north from the San Jose del Cabo airport. This is right now a huge development area. 4 seasons for example is building a resort out here. And right at the same beach as 4 seasons, we have beachfronts lots for sale. With sizes of an acre you will have plenty of space for a nice house, pool, private garden area and most importantly, beach access. At this particular beach you can even see grey whales jumping out of the water.

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cabo san lucas real estate oceanfront

Cabo San Lucas real estate oceanfront

The most popular area for buying a home is the cabo san Lucas real estate oceanfront. And there are plenty for sale! And we at CaboCribs know just how to help you.

While Cabo San Lucas is surrounded by ocean, It is common to find oceanfront houses. But since 80% wants to live close to the beach. it gets sometimes challenging to find the right one. And most realtors give up after some time. But not us! When you come to CaboCribs looking for a home, we consider you as family. That means we do whatever it takes to find you the property you want. Our longest search took over 2 years to finish!

Most cabo san lucas real estate oceanfront properties are condos, and that is not suprising. That way you can have a good home that is affordable with a view looking out on the ocean. Most of the these condos have a community pool that looks out over the ocean. what makes it all worth while.

But if you are looking for some privacy we also can help you find a good house. And you will find that in cabo san Lucas the prices are not that low. But for a good affordable home you should look to the east cape area.

Talk to our broker LeeRoy Jarvis and he will be able to find you a decent deal. contact him through our contact page here.

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cabo san lucas real estate trends

cabo san lucas real estate trends

Every year the housing market changes. And that happens world wide. Also here in Mexico where the Cabo san Lucas real estate trends continues change. Mostly for the better of the buyers!

The cabo san Lucas real estate trends for 2019 is hat there will be more and more new properties for sale, and that makes the market more competitive and then the prices will drop a lot.

Trends of 2019

We see a lot of development happening right now in the east cape. areas that haven’t been fully developed yet. and since there isn’t much around when it comes to stores and city life in general, the prices will still be on the low side.

So no matter what you decide to buy, you will always end up getting the best deal. And above all we at CaboCribs will help you negotiate so you can get the best deal possible.

Visit our facebook page to keep up to date with all the offers we have plus additional information about the cabo san Lucas real estate trends. We also post relevant information as to what events and activities are being held in Los Cabos. And which places are best to visit during what time.

also you can contact us through our website. Just click on this link and fill out the form.

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cabo san lucas real estate rentals

Most people think that a real estate agent only sells homes and that is all he does. But we at CaboCribs also offer another service. Rentals. Cabo San Lucas real estate rentals are one of the most wanted rentals in the whole of Mexico. And we can help you look for the best places to stay in the Cabo san Lucas area.

Cabo San Lucas real estate rentals

Currently we have two properties listed as Cabo San Lucas real estate rentals. these two properties are both located in Cabo Bello, just across from Home Depot. One of the properties called Casa Bella is a 3 bedroom house with ocean views. And a short walk to the beach. read more about this house and to rent it here

Cabo San Lucas real estate

Another Property we have is are 2 different units together sharing the same plot, creating a total of 6 bedrooms unit. Both houses are identical in layout and when coming with a larger group or different families you will still have the privacy of your own place but the convenience of being together. the two units are divided by a nice swimming pool. Both units have views on the beach while from one you can see the cabo san Lucas arch

More information about this unit and to book it please follow this link

A new property is been added to our inventory located just outside of San Jose del cabo, This condo is located in mar y sol and has ocean views, 2 bedrooms and a community pool.

We at CaboCribs will be adding more properties in the near future so please keep checking our rentals page for any updates or more information. Or contact us by email or phone if you want to know more about these properties.

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houses for sale in cabo san lucas mexico

houses for sale in cabo san lucas mexico

Besides all the Condos Los Cabos has to offer we have always plenty of houses for sale in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. And all for a very reasonable price.

The fishing village of Cabo San Lucas has been completely transformed into the growing city it is today. And besides all the different activities and shopping malls, There are many newly developed houses for sale in cabo san Lucas Mexico.

It is the number one destination to retire, and Los Cabos has one of the best beaches of whole of Mexico. And located between two oceans, the Pacific Ocean and the sea of Cortez, it has a unique coastal environment you will not find anywhere else.

The houses located on the pacific side will have the opportunity to see whales jumping out of the water during their mating season. to see beautiful sunsets every night and hear the waves crashing on the shore and rocks.
All the houses on the sea of Cortez will have a nice calm ocean perfect for a family with small kids to swim in. If you like to dive or snorkeling, this is the best place since it has been described as the aquarium of the world by no other then Jacques Cousteau.

So no matter what you would like or prefer, the houses for sale in cabo san Lucas Mexico can offer you this all.

Check out our listings page and find out all you need to know about all the different homes that are currently listed in cabo san Lucas real estate listings page.

Visit our facebook page and see all the different activities Los Cabos offers to the community and which houses are the current most popular once on the market.

Or you can subscribe to our newsletter or our youtube page and read the latest news about new developments or the market in general and get to see nice tips and tricks on life in cabo san Lucas.

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Cabo San Lucas homes for sale

Cabo San Lucas homes for sale.

Most people who coming down to Cabo never want to leave! And then is when you start looking for Cabo San Lucas homes for sale. And the market is full with all different kind of properties, for sure there is one for you in there!

Our mission at CaboCribs is not to find you a house, we look for your Cabo San Lucas home. When you come down to cabo and start enjoying life as it is here, you will realize that family comes first.
You will find more time to relax and enjoy time instead of wasting it and being worried about work and income.

This place is also great if you want to live here once you are retired. for every one there is a Cabo San Lucas homes for sale. And the prices are incredibly low considering the size and area plus quality of life you will have once you are down here.

A standard 2 bedroom condo right on the beach can be purchased for less then 300.000 USD!! that is a bargain. And homes are not far out of that price range as well.

Ofcourse you can get real excited and be able to find homes that cost between the 3 to 5 million USD. Besides buying a house or a condo you can also purchase a piece of land. And from there on build your own Cabo San Lucas dream home!

If you would like to see the beachfront listings we currently have available for you please click here

Also like and follow us on Facebook if you want to stay up to date with the latest developments and newest properties that came on the market.

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Cabo San Lucas real estate for sale

Cabo San Lucas Real Estate for sale

This part of Mexico is one of the best places to live. and with so much Cabo San Lucas real estate for sale there is always enough for everybody. We at CaboCribs have known the market now for more then 8 years and have seen how Cabo San Lucas has developed from a small fishing village to the tourist city it is today. And with new communities being developed and build every day it continues to grow even more!

And with this growth comes more and more places available for people to come down and spend quality time with their families. Because once you bought a Cabo San Lucas real estate for sale property you will realize that once you are here everything will involve of spending time with your family. You will spend less time working and worrying about things to come and what will happen tomorrow. This place really forces you to lay back and enjoy. And that is a good thing!

Cabo San Lucas Real Estate for Sale – CaboCribs

We at CaboCribs have all the listings available in real time on our website. Daily the MLS will be refreshed and updated on to our website as an exclusive feature that only we can offer to our clients. so we have the best and newest deals available. This also means you will never be able to do an inquiry of a property which has been sold. All sold listings will be stored and taken out for the public to see and respond on.

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La ribera Real Estate an upcoming retirement village

La Ribera rela estate development opportunities

We at CaboCribs are always on the lookout to see where the next best thing will be happening. And we can finally confirm it is happening with the La Ribera real estate.

Developments currently happening at the la Ribera real estate

Right at this moment we know there are several big developments happing right at the la Ribera real estate area. For one the 4 Seasons resort is currently under construction as we are writing this article. With the main features the 4 season resort will also provide houses and condos for people to buy right up at the beach for not less then 2 million USD!

Another resort being build around the same area is the Aman resorts. This will be just north from the 4 seasons resort and on the left when driving up from downtown to the beach.

CaboCribs Own Developments

Right north from the Aman Resort, we have a great opportunity for people looking to build their own paradise home right on the beach. With more then 50 lots and 10 lots right on the beach this is the best place when you love to have your own space in a quiet lovely village just to enjoy some quality time for you and your family.

And the best thing of it all is that the lots come as almost half an acre in size for an amazing bottom price of 200.000 USD!! that is 80% cheaper then the lots for sale at the 4 seasons!

If you want to have a piece of paradise for an amazing price please go to our contact page to contact our broker LeeRoy Jarvis who will gladly help you with more information as to how to buy properties in Mexico and can set up a showing of the property. In case you aren’t in Cabo San Lucas at the moment but wish to see the lots, we offer exclusive footage made for you to show you how the pieces of land are and with a drone get a good view of the size and it’s surroundings.

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Condos For Sale Los Cabos | CaboCribs

Condos For sale

When looking for condos for sale and you are coming to Cabo San Lucas Mexico, you will find lots of places with amazing views. And condos are a great way of sharing those views. And Los Cabos has all of them pointed towards the ocean!

Cabo San Lucas is a really amazing place to live. And many people who come down here never want to go back themselves just showing how much they love it here! It is Mexico’s number one spot right now to buy real estate.

But many people are not looking for (another) big house, they prefer something of a good size but manageable. and for that reason there are tons of condos for sale in Los Cabos.

With every day new ones being developed. Cabo has always a condo looking out on the amazing Pacific Ocean or the Sea of Cortez. where you can enjoy the amazing sunrises and sunsets right from your balcony. And in the winter time you can enjoy watching the whales come down and see how they prepare their young ones for the journey back in summer time. Every unit of condos are also counted with a large community pool. Enough space for everyone to enjoy. especially when you bring smaller kids or grandchildren.

Our goal at CaboCribs is helping you find that special place you want to call your Mexican home. And a condo is a great way to have a gorgeous space, facing the ocean within a reasonable budget!


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La Ribera Real Estate

When thinking of going to Mexico to look for properties, La Ribera real estate isn’t one of the place that will pop up right in your mind. But it should! La Ribera is an amazing place just 20 min from the airport in San Jose and it has everything you possibly could want from a nice quiet place here in Mexico.

La Ribera Real Estate

Here in sunny Los Cabos we at CaboCribs look above and beyond the expectations from our clients. After all most people who come down here to buy a home never purchased a second home and especially not one abroad. So we at CaboCribs know all the ins and outs of buying real estate and we help you with whatever you need to make sure your purchase goes as smooth as possible for a La Ribera real estate.

Now with all the new developments happening OUTSIDE of Los Cabos, La Ribera is the place they look for to offer new and exciting venues for property owners. The new 4 Seasons and Caesars palace, just to name a few, are as we speak constructing their properties to offer an unforgettable experience in Mexico.

But not all peace and quiet is gone with these new developments in La Ribera real estate. There is still so much land to offer in small well organized gated communities. And the beaches are so amazingly good, nobody around, perfectly swimmable for you and your children and even grandchildren. the whole family can come down and enjoy this Wonderfull sight!



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