What is Green Building?

“Going green” has become a staple phrase in an increasingly environmentally friendly world. It is a movement that everyone will eventually have to follow simply because we will not have any other choice. Our uncontrolled population growth and increased consumption has created an ecosystem that will not be able to sustain the lives of the inhabitants on our planet. At the rate we are going, we will run out of natural resources we rely on for our survival and will have to create innovative and sustainable practices so that we can be proactive about the degradation of our environment. A good place to start with in creating these sustainable practices is in our very own homes. We can each do our part to help maintain the home we all share called Earth. This is where green building makes it grand entrance, and provides a solution for the current situation that our species has put us in. But what exactly is a green building, why should you consider it, and what are the objectives of this phenomenon? We will lay out all this information for you and leave you wanting to participate in your own green building.


What is Green Building?

There are different kinds of green building definitions out there. Some people think of a green, or sustainable building that does not make as bad as an impact on the environment compared to another average building. Others might believe it to be a particular kind of building that also has environmentally friendly surroundings.

The model green building is a building project that allows one to preserve the natural environment around a project site, while at the same time having the ability to produce a building that serves a purpose. It is a building project that is look at how the construction and operation of a building will take into account the environmentally friendly management of the land, water, resources, and energy of the area. This is the actual definition of a green building.

 According to the U.S. EPA, “Green building is the practice of creating structures and using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building’s life-cycle from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation and deconstruction. This practice expands and complements the classical building design concerns of economy, utility, durability, and comfort. Green building is also known as a sustainable or high performance building.”


Why You Should Go Green?

There is no doubt the importance of going green. We all need to do our part in providing a safe home for future generations. Those who go green understand that they can help in reducing their carbon footprint and know they can lend a helping hand to protecting the environment. There are a number of ways in which you can go green, but builders and construction workers must do their part as well. It is not necessary to go all in and get overwhelmed by it all; you can easily take some baby steps in your path towards full sustainability.

Green buildings reduce the overall impact on environment and human health by:

  1. Reducing trash, pollution and the degradation of environment.
  2. Efficiently using energy, water and other resources.
  3. Protecting inhabitant’s health and improving productivity. 

A green home in Los Cabos | MLS 17-297


The Costs of Not Going Green

Some people believe this green revolution is only taking more money out of their pockets, which is a common misconception among skeptics to the movement. Although green materials and products can be more costly, their are costs from not going green that are much more disadvantageous.

When resources become so scarce because of how much we deplete them, the prices of these resources we take advantage of will rise dramatically. This is because the shortage of supply and increased demand for these products will cause those prices to increases. At the rate we are going, we will one-day struggle to access basic goods and suffer an even higher social cost. Apart from environmental costs, we will be risking our lives by not going green.

Furthermore, if more sustainable green practices are chosen, energy costs will eventually go down because going green also means conserving energy. Green building should be seen as more of an investment than anything else. It is an investment that will not only save money but also keep environmental costs down. It is a win-win scenario for everyone and it is a decision that is necessary to make.

Green Building Benefits

One thing is for sure, and that is that the benefits of green building heavily outweigh its costs. The benefits of green building range from environmental benefits to economic ones all the way to social ones. By adopting greener practices, we optimize environmental and economic performance. The benefits of green building are separated into the different areas below:


Environmental Benefits:

  • Greatly improves air and water quality
  • Helps conserve natural resources
  • Reduces wasting of water
  • Protects biodiversity and ecosystems


Economic Benefits:

  • Improves inhabitant productivity
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Creates market for green product and services


Social Benefits:

  • Minimizes strain on local infrastructure
  • Greatly improves quality of life
  • Improves inhabitant health and comfort


The Objectives of Green Building

With everything, there is always a goal or objective we are trying to reach – especially with something like the implementation of green building. The most obvious goal would be to make the earth more sustainable. However, the goals of green building go beyond the main goal of this phenomenon.

When going green, the underlining goal is to help to sustain the environment without disrupting the natural habitats around it. When starting a building project it is important not to disrupt the natural habitat of that area so as to not create detrimental ripples in the ecosystems. Disrupting the natural habitat can cause act as a butterfly effect for the ecosystem and leave us without the resources we are dependent on.

The smallest changes to the environment can have dire consequences to an ecosystem. Comparatively, small positive changes you make can also have dire consequences that can help promote a better and healthier place for us all (including plants and wildlife) to live in.

Green building is a phenomenon that uses our social conscious to help us live in a better world. You might not be planning on rebuilding your home, but you may want to make a few green changes within your home to ensure that you are doing your part in keeping our planet around for a little while longer. You can cut down on your energy use, save money, and make a big impact on the environment by taking part in this green revolution. Contrary to popular belief, going green is not as difficult as people make it seem. Plus once you do go green, your conscious, and future generations will thank you for it!

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Mexico is the Top Retirement Destination in 2107


For many people, retirement means days of relaxation and slacking, and it is not something that you can do in your city. After rounds of research and surveys, International Living has compiled a list of the best places to retire this year and ranked them accordingly. Read on and take your pick.

10. Malta. Despite its compact size, this Mediterranean island offers a marvelous lifestyle. It offers 300 days of sunshine, reasonable cost of living, and excellent health care. Once you are done exploring the island, Sicily and Paris are just a few hours away.

9. Portugal. The low cost of living and real estate are just two of the many reasons why this country is getting more and more popular among retirees. Lisbon, and the seaside towns of Estoril and Cascais, are the more favorite places of expats.

8. Nicaragua. Over the past decade, this country has undergone several changes for the better. Progress is apparent everywhere and should many any expat’s lifestyle easier. Getting a resident’s card is easy, and so is opening and running a business.

7. Spain. Miles of beaches, warm coastal climate, affordable real estate, low cost of living and laidback lifestyle make it a top retirement destination. Aside from beach living, Spain’s historic cities is a great attraction for many retirees.

6. Malaysia. Clean and modern with unrivaled public transport, this exotic place is home to some of the friendliest people in Asia. This country is known for budget travels, but there are also world-class vacation spots that both tourists and expats can enjoy.

5. Colombia. Once overlooked as a great retirement place, the country is now getting attention for its closeness to home. Aside from its great sceneries, Colombia is also proud of its warm, welcoming people, as well as their food, music and festivals.

4. Costa Rica. This safe and stable country has been giving refuge to retirees for over three decades now, and it continues to do so today. One of its best features is its high-rate health care, with world-class doctors using the latest technologies.

3. Ecuador. To those who put excellent weather as their priority when looking for a retirement place, Ecuador is it. Real estate is also very affordable, so buying or renting a property will give any retiree incredible savings in the long run.

2. Panama. It may be popular for its canal, but Panama is also drawing retirees all over the world for its ease of living. Its famous Pensionado program makes it easy for foreign retirees to get residence, also granting them a wide range of discounts.

1. Mexico. There are many great places to retire in the country, perhaps one of the most popular is Los Cabos with its gorgeous beaches, laidback lifestyle and rich culture. Many websites like CaboCribs.com can help you pick a great place to stay in this paradise.

“Mexico has always offered arguably the easiest transition to expat life around: Low-cost, conveniently close, friendly locals and plenty of expats—Mexico offers an appealing balance of exotic foreign culture and familiar First-World lifestyle… Life here is easy and relaxed. And also rich and complex in sensations and experiences.” [Source]


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After The Storm

Back to Normal!

The clean-up effort in Los Cabos since Hurricane Odile hit on September 15th, 2014 has been incredible! Rather than feeling down and defeated, the citizens of Cabo San Lucas banded together as neighbors and in a matter of weeks have rebuilt our beautiful community back to it’s former glory.

At Cabocribs.com, we’ve been doing our part by reaching out to all property owners in the Los Cabos area, and offering our Complimentary Storm Damage Assessment. If you or any of your loved ones would like us to take a look at your property, we are pleased to offer our No Obligation Assessment that includes:

  • Going to your property and assess the property from the outside
  • Identifying any access issue to your property
  • Sending you current pictures of the property
  • Providing you wtih further assistance if necessary
  • If you have any questions please drop us an email or call our Vonage line

To schedule your assessment please CALL 1-916-760-7440 or email leeroy@cabocribs.com

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Tiger Woods Announces His New Designed Golf Course in Cabo San Lucas

Tiger Woods Design has announced plans for “El Cardonal,” an 18-hole championship golf course in Cabo San Lucas designed by Woods on which construction began last month.

Part of the Diamante Cabo San Lucas community, the 7,300-yard course is expected to be completed in 18 months.

“I set up the golf strategy to make golfers think and make choices,” Woods said. “Regardless of your handicap, there are going to be different ways to play every hole. Angles of approach are going to be very important and will dictate the type of shots you should consider. I love this kind of golf.”

This is the fourth contracted design for Tiger Woods Design since the firm’s inception in 2006. The other three – Punta Brava in Ensenada, Mexico; The Cliffs at High Carolina in Asheville, N.C.; and Al Ruwaya, located in Dubai – were either never finished or never opened to the public.

As part of a resort, “El Cardonal” will join Diamante Dunes, which opened in 2009.

“While the Dunes course is reminiscent of a classic Scottish links course, this course is going to remind people of the old-style California courses,” Woods added. “We will use the existing arroyos that traverse the site and well-placed bunkers to create definite strategic choices and carries off the tees.”

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Cindy Crawford Comes to Los Cabos Mexico

Cindy Crawford, one of the world’s first super-models, has been showing that she still has what it takes in the style and grace stakes on holiday in Mexico.

 Cindy Crawford in Los Cabos, Mexico

Cindy Crawford in Los Cabos, Mexico

The 46-year-old has been holidaying with friends in the resort of Los Cabos, on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula.

She seemed to have a few lessons for today’s models regarding ‘less is more’ in terms of make-up after going out with no make up and her hair simply tied back.

She was snapped by photographers walking along the beach there, looking fantastic despite the lack of warpaint, according to the Daily Mail.

Cindy recently tweeted: “As I’ve gotten older I wear less makeup. It can make you look older, and hopefully we get more comfortable in our skin.”

“I started taking care of my skin at an early age,” she added. “You don’t see the benefit overnight, but the payoff is in your 40′s.”

Crawford, who was famously married to Richard Gere in the early 1990s, appeared to be taking a break with girl friends, with husband Randy and their two kids back home in the States.

Having officially quit modelling in 2000, but still appears in celebrity endorsements for products and even appeared on the cover of the Mexican edition of Vogue magazine last year.


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Los Cabos Turtle Liberation

Vic and I went to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico with our son Scott and his family over the Labor Day weekend. Our three granddaughters and baby Mike constitute an active brood, and Scott and Nicole needed our help baby-wrangling.

We stayed at the Hilton Los Cabos, which is actually in the town of San Jose del Cabo, a few miles east of Cabo San Lucas.

We spent most of our time in the hotel’s beautiful pool. At only four feet deep, it was ideal for the little girls to practice swimming. Adults congregated at the pool edge overlooking the ocean below. Sipping cocktails by the pool seemed to be de rigueur. I had no problem with that. Watermelon mojitos were my favorites.

Vic noted a fenced enclosure on the beach below the pool and went down to investigate. He discovered that it was a sea turtle nesting enclosure, with nests marked off every couple of feet. Based on the symmetrical pattern, it looked as though the eggs had been moved there. And as I discovered, that is exactly what had taken place.

Vic had to leave a couple of days before the rest of us, so he missed what was for me the most exciting part of the trip. Nicole noted someone working in the turtle enclosure. We went down there and found a biologist taking turtles out of their sand nests. He told us that they were olive ridley sea turtles.

The eggs had been laid elsewhere along the coast of Los Cabos. They are dug up and reburied about a foot down in guarded, fenced enclosures at various locations to protect the eggs and little turtles. After about two months, the baby turtles hatch out. They remain underground until they are ready to dash for the sea.

Normally, the babies make that run at night. But a few clutches emerge in the daytime only to find Magnificent Frigatebirds waiting for them. The birds pick off many of the turtles from the sand before they can make it to the ocean. But even in the water, the babies aren’t totally safe. Birds will pluck them from the sea as they come up for air. I noted three frigatebirds circling overhead, watching the biologist work, probably hoping for a snack of baby sea turtles.

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Los Cabos Convention Centre Open For Business

A new convention center has opened in Los Cabos, Mexico, the Los Cabos Convention & Visitors Bureau announced today. It’s hoped that the facility — which offers 72,000 square feet of functional space — will attract more large-scale international meetings and events to Mexico.

Located 10 minutes from Los Cabos International Airport and five minutes from the city’s major tourism zone and hotels, the Los Cabos Convention Center can accommodate up to 5,000 people for meetings and up to 3,000 people for banquets. Key elements include a lobby, three exhibition areas, seven exhibit halls, a business center, a mezzanine, a service area, a loading area and several outdoor garden areas, not to mention many “green” features — including solar panels and the largest green wall in the world, which serves as an insulator and prevents the building from overheating in the summer.

“We are thrilled that the destination of Los Cabos is now home to a state-of-the-art convention center,” said Alberto Coppola, president of the Los Cabos Hotel Association. “The new center, in combination with our current roster of award-winning hotels, will help Los Cabos become Mexico’s leading destination for large meetings and conventions.”

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New Airline Plans O.C.-Mexico Flights, Cabo San Lucas One of Them

An aggressively expanding low-cost Mexican airline has received permission from the U.S. government to fly from Orange County to three destinations in Mexico.

Interjet originally hoped to begin flying Sept. 14, but has pushed plans back to October, according to John Wayne Airport officials.

The budget Mexican carrier plans to fly from John Wayne Airport to Guadalajara, a new destination for Orange County travelers. It also has permission to fly to Mexico City and Cabo San Lucas, two destinations that are already served by Air Tran, a wholly owned subsidiary of Southwest Airlines.

No schedules or fare prices are yet available. Interjet officials could not be reached for comment late Thursday.

Courtney Wiercioch, deputy airport director for public affairs at John Wayne Airport, said there were several steps that need to be taken before the service would become official. Interjet will fly an Airbus A320 to John Wayne Airport to see if it qualifies for the airport’s stringent noise abatement limits. A test is tentatively scheduled for Sept. 4. A proposed lease will go to the Board of Supervisors, probably at the Sept. 11 meeting. The airline would have to negotiate use of the Customs and Border Protection facilities. If everything goes smoothly, service could begin soon after.

“We’ve got a lot to do in a short period of time, but it is exciting,” Wiercioch said. “We hope to be able to check off all the boxes pretty quickly.”

Soon after opening the airport’s new facilities in Terminal C last fall, the Board of Supervisors approved incentive packages to airlines that would provide service to the first three international destinations that would use the facilities (WestJet’s flights from Canada clear customs and immigration before departure from Canada).

Air Tran received the incentive package for its service to Los Cabos and Mexico City. Interjet has applied for – and would receive – the third and last package for its Guadalajara service. The package includes a $300,000 credit toward rent at the airport and a guaranteed large jet (Class A) departure and arrival slot.

Wiercioch said that negotiations were ongoing, but that Interjet would likely have its ticketing operation in Terminal B.

Interjet proposes daily service for Guadalajara and Mexico City. Though it has received approval for Los Cabos service, it has not indicated to John Wayne Airport officials the frequency of flights or when the service might begin.

Aviation Week reported Wednesday that Interjet is now Mexico’s largest airline in terms of number of passengers boarding planes, though Aeromexico has a more extensive route structure. Along with low-cost carrier Volaris (a partner of Southwest), Interjet has moved rapidly to fill the void left by the August 2010 collapse of Mexicana Airlines.

Interjet’s enplanements were up 58% in 2011 over the previous year, Aviation Week reported. Volaris showed a 27 percent increase. Aeromexico was up 19 percent. The new Orange County service was part of a package of new routes announced this week by the airline. It also plans to fly from Mexico City’s secondary airport, Toluca, to Chicago, Houston and Las Vegas.

Wiercioch said the arrival of competition on the Los Cabos and Mexico City routes shows that there appears to be good demand for those flights out of Orange County.

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