Feel the Rush of the Baja 1000

Considered as the grandfather of all desert races for many years now, the Baja 1000 is a top attraction for racers and racing fans in Los Cabos. This year, the 49th Bud Light Score Baja will run from November 16th to the 20th. Although the course traditionally alternates between a La Paz and an Ensenada finish, this year will include Baja California with a start and finish in Ensenada. Events will start rolling on the 15th as satellite monitoring equipment and chassis inspections will happen. The following day, the racers will start to arrive for check in. On Thursday, the racers and their crews will attend meetings and tech inspections, as well as conferences with all sportsmen and crews come evening. The race will finally kick off on the 18th at 6 AM in Ensenada along the Lazaro Boulevard. The ATV and motorcycle classes will jump off the event with a new rider starting every 30 seconds, before bigger vehicles will start their classes at 11:30 AM. The Baja 1000 Off Road Race The 840-mile course comes with four checkpoints and uses a 35-mile stretch to Oso Negros on both directions, covering the two sides of peninsula and paralleling Highway 1 for almost half of the race. It will then look south back to the Pacific before crossing below Puertocitos to the other side of the Peninsula. The course will then go back North going along the Sea of Cortez, through San Felipe and to the junction with Highway 3. As it parallels Highway 3, the rugged course will travel west before it goes back northwest to Ojos Negros and the Ensenada finish line. Ever since it started in 1967, the Baja 1000 has gone through several changes over the years, but it still remains as one of world’s top desert races. Some of the most popular actors who are into this sport are Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, and James Garner. The sport also has its own celebrities as well, including Johnny Johnson, Rod Hall, Robby Gordon, Johnny Campbell, Ron Bishop and Larry Roesseler. Some of these racers are also participants this year. The Baja 1000 Off Road Race To experience the Baja 1000 is definitely an experience of a lifetime. And it’s made even easier this year with the live tracking and coverage of the race, so you can join in on the action wherever you are in the world. Still, nothing beats being there in person, joining in on the camp outs with other fans, and watching out for the vehicles at specific turns on the race course.
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The Holiday Season in Los Cabos

holiday season Los Cabos Holidays in Cabo San Lucas, most especially the Christmas Season, are celebrated with a rich touch of the Mexican culture. There is something very special and enjoyable on how they celebrate the holidays. Would you believe that the Christmas celebration in Los Cabos lasts for almost two months? They celebrate Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, but they also celebrate a lot of holidays that are not usually included in the U.S calendar. If you are staying in Los Cabos for the holidays or planning to buy real estate, expect to experience frequent feasts or fiestas and gatherings. The locals even call the long binge of holiday parties and festivities as “Maraton Guadalupe-Reyes” because they start with the fiestas in as early as December 12 where locals celebrate a day of honoring the Virgin of Guadalupe and extend up to the 6th of January where locals celebrate the remembrance of Los Tres Reyes Magos or The Three Wise Men. Their festive marathon does begin a bit earlier. Holiday festivity like the Annual Sabor a Cabo Food and Wine Festival is commonly celebrated in the first week of December. Cabo Christmas 2015 held the event last December 5 where there were live performances, palatable country food, craft beer fest, wine tasting and wine/art walk. holiday-season-los-cabos2 Mexico is a Christian country and their culture reflects it. From December 16th to 24th of this year, they celebrate “Las Posadas”. It is their way to commemorate the journey of Mary and Joseph from Nazareth to Bethlehem for nine days. Every night, there are candlelit processions, reenactments, and midnight mass. The most celebrated day is Christmas Eve or Noche Buena where locals attend a midnight mass, have a festive dinner and exchange gifts. For tourist and visitors, most resorts and restaurants would throw a special Christmas Dinner to enjoy. The next holiday celebrated is called Holy Innocents Day or Childermas which is held every 28th of December. This holiday is the Mexican version of April Fool’s Day where jokes, pranks, tall tales, and hoaxes are prevalent. Be careful not to lend someone any money on this day. Why? Well, the tradition speaks that any debt incurred particularly on this day is not at all honored. holiday-season-los-cabos3 The next holiday is New Year’s Eve itself. Many locals and tourists would typically go out to enjoy parties, themed nights, masked carnivals, and magnificent firework displays. Most hotels in Los Cabos would collaborate to make this staple a reality. Their dazzling display bedazzles everyone as soon as the clock strikes 12 midnight. holiday-season-los-cabos4 Lastly, El Dia de Los Tres Reyes is celebrated. Unique treats common on this holiday is the sweet bread called Rosca de Reyes. If you want to try some of these goodies, you can buy them directly from local bakeries and nearby Starbucks. There are mini baby figures hidden inside Rosca de Reyes. If you are lucky to find one on your bread, tradition says that you will need to throw a Tamales party on Candlemas. Candlemas is celebrated on February 2nd and is the official date to end the Holiday season. Although there are many holidays celebrated in Cabo San Lucas, one thing should not be forgotten; Christmas season is all about having time for devout observance and intimate gatherings with family and friends. The culture is about spending more time with your loved ones and sending love and gifts to one another. Have your perfect share of the experience when you spend vacation or relocate in Los Cabos. ¡Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo! Save
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Happy Holidays from CaboCribs.com in Los Cabos Mexico


Happy Holidays!

CaboCribs.com wishes you so much for the New Year. It is the time to rejoice and be with family and friends. I hope that everybody has the most love filled holiday and you are able to be with your most beloved family members and best friends. Everyone should be able to feel love around this time of year. Los Cabos has a wonderful sense of community.  Every year we get together a growing number of mostly Canadians and Americans and give out gifts to the less fortunate children of the Bario. Through out the year starting January, we save and collect new and used toys in much anticipation to hand these gifts to the waiting smiles of the children.

Gift Giving at Cabo San Lucas

What a feeling it truly is to be a part of something so amazing. Its one day out of 364 days that we don’t think about ourselves and only of others. Giving truly does feel better then receiving.  You really need to try this once in your life. Cabo, although is a very wealthy town, has a very poor area that sometimes gets forgotten. These poor children have nothing, not even a concrete floor. The smiles you see coming from their faces knowing they don’t have much is a heart melting experience. If you would like more information on how to be a part of our growing group of kind heart’d North Americans you can contact us through CaboCribs.com Save
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Team Wins $2.4 Million in The Cabo San Lucas Fishing Tournament

Team Frantic Pace receive their big-time check

Team Frantic Pace receive their big-time check

Before this week, the biggest fish Dave Sanchez had ever caught was alargemouth bass near his home in Kansas City, Missouri. His first marlin, a 465-pound blue landed Thursday, Oct. 25 off Cabo San Lucas, was respectable but not exceptionally large by normal Black & Blue standards.
However, it happened to be the only qualifying marlin weighed during the 32nd annual Bisbee’s Black & Blue Tournament, and that is very noteworthy. Since Sanchez and his team aboard Frantic Pace were entered across the board in all cash categories, they are taking home $2.396 million for their fish. That payout is the second largest for a single team in Bisbee’s tournament history. A total of $2.475 million was up for grabs in 2012. “I’m really starting to like this offshore fishing,” Sanchez said with laugh. “We had a lot of fun, it was a great team effort and I’m just glad we ran across that fish. We found one, caught it and as luck would have it, that was all it took.” Frantic Pace came within 1/4-inch of losing its record payout. That’s because the snap swivel connecting the reel’s main line to the lure leader opened during the fight. When mate Josh Temple realized the predicament, he gently leadered the fish to the boat before Tony Berkowitz planted the gaff. Once the marlin was aboard the 53 Pacemaker, the crew realized how close they were to disaster. The only thing holding the lure leader was the 1/4-inch bend at the end of the snap. Capt. Hercules “Herk” Marsella of Coral Springs, Florida, was at the helm for the lucrative catch. Since no other marlin weighing more than the 300-pound minimum were recorded during the three days of fishing, Frantic Pace swept all the major cash awards, including the Top Tournament and Top Jackpot, and all Daily Jackpot levels. The total payout was $2,396,800. More than 740 anglers aboard 106 boats competed in the 2012 event. The stakes are high in the richest sport-fishing tournament in the world. It takes $63,100 to enter in all jackpot levels, including the $10,000 daily, and the potential million-dollar prizes attract top anglers and crews from more than a dozen countries to the tip of the Baja peninsula. The largest Black & Blue payout for a single team was $3.92 million in 2006. Frantic Pace now adds its name to the record book. The Release Division payout came down to minutes this year, as all the top teams released a single blue marlin. Sea Angel, a 63 F&S with Capt. Billy Angel at the wheel, won first place based on time of release. That catch earned a check for $50,830. Sneak Attack, a 65 American Custom Yacht skippered by Capt. Sammy Talbert, came in second to win $17,595, while Hammertime, a 68 Hatteras run by Capt. Jeff Richardson, won $9,775 for third place. “You know me, I always like to spread the money around,” Tournament Director Wayne Bisbee told the crowd assembled for the lavish awards banquet Saturday night. “But part of the appeal of the Black & Blue is the chance to win a really big check and tonight that honor goes to the Frantic Pace team. Congratulations to them, and muchas gracias for another memorable tournament. It’s been a helluva week.” Save
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First International Baja Film Festival, Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Festival has announced that acclaimed musicians from L.A.’s Hotel Cafe will perform on Friday, November 16th at the Puerto Los Cabos Marina in Cabo, Mexico as part of the inaugural festival. The Hotel Cafe featured musicians include three-time Grammy nominee Sara Bareilles, Grammy-winning Cary Brothers, Harper Blynn, Madi Diaz and Holly Conlan. Passes for the festival, and the Hotel Cafe concert, will go on sale September 1. The Friday night concert will be one piece of an extraordinary lineup at the inaugural festival which will bring leading filmmakers and film enthusiasts from Mexico, the U.S. and around the world to Cabo, Mexico from November 14-17, 2012.  The program will include screenings of Feature Films, Documentaries, and Short Films, as well as nightly galas, award ceremonies, panel discussions and filmmaker receptions, and will feature the work of leading filmmakers from Mexico, the U.S., and around the world. Many of the weekend events will take place at the new state-of-the-art Los Cabos Convention Center designed and built for the G20 Summit, while other weekend events will showcase the unique surroundings of Cabo – including the Wirikuta Cactus Garden, a botanical desert garden home to over 1500 varieties of desert plants from around the world, and the Puerto Los Cabos Marina, an ocean cove where dolphins swim in their natural habitat. “VIP Passes” and “Festival Passes” will provide access to the exciting activities of the Baja International Film Festival in beautiful Cabo, Mexico, including film screenings, red carpet ceremonies and parties, panel discussions, live music and concerts, the festival’s hospitality lounge and more. Festival passes will be on sale as of September 1, 2012. The Baja International Film Festival was founded by Scott Cross and Sean Cross who also founded the Colorado Film Institute and the Vail Film Festival, which was named by Moviemaker magazine among the “Top Ten Destination Film Festivals in the World.” The Festival is run by a bi-national team of experienced film and business managers who share a passion for bringing Mexican and U.S. cultures together through film, and a mission to grow the Baja International Film Festival into the Cannes Film Festival of Latin America. The Baja International Film Festival is supported by the Mexico Tourism Board and endorsed by the State of Baja California Sur and the Los Cabos Tourism Bureau as the Official Festival of Cabo, Mexico.
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