Los Cabos: Keeping up with the Market

Los Cabos: Keeping up with the Market

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 Los Cabos has had a reputation as one of the top destination spots for a long time. With an 8.8% 


growth compared to last year, bringing about 172,300 visitors, it seems Hoteliers are getting it right.


According to Travelweek news, Los Cabos has added “almost 2,805 hotel rooms, representing 25% growth in hotel inventory from October 2016 to October 2017.”


With such a large increase in tourists, it is no wonder Hotels are fighting to improve their hotels in any way they can. Every hotel wants to be number one, but to beat the competition, changes have to be made.


Something for Everyone


Los Cabos offers a dazzling view of its location on the southern tip of the Mexican Baja Peninsula. Apart from the striking location, tourists seem to be attracted to the variety of activities offered by Los Cabos’ resorts.


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This location is more than just a vacation spot. There is so much history to learn in Los Cabos thanks to the preserved spirit of the 200-year-old city of San Jose. Being part of this culture can be the perfect addition to a relaxing whale-watching adventure.

Los Cabos seems to be the full package. The Island has something for every type of person, from a quiet to a more artistic side offering paintings and sculptures that give tourists an insight into Mexico’s culture.


A Blessing in Disguise


This inflation couldn’t come at a better time. In 2014, Hurricane Odile’s heavy rain and 125 mph winds brought a lot of destruction to the Peninsula. Though the whole Peninsula was affected, the coastal resorts were hit the hardest.


Hurricane Odile, which is reported to be the strongest storm to ever strike the Baja Peninsula, left the beautiful resorts ruined. It was only two years ago that most of these hotels were able to open up and begin profiting once again.


Luckily, with the reconstruction of many of these resorts, came some upgrades. Hyatt Ziva, for example, added some delicious enhancements including a new coffee shop and embellishing their already-popular restaurant.

After working so hard, it’s nice to see these resorts take their place as one of the top destinations to visit. Receiving such a hard hit might have seemed like the end, but it seems that with this end a new beginning arose.


Growth Brings in Investors

This increase in growth didn’t just catch the eye of local hoteliers, but other companies hoping to make a profit as well. For this reason, many hotels are expanding their scene to make it as upscale and luxurious as possible. With new hotels on the rise, older hoteliers need to expand and make changes so they can not only keep up with the demand but to stay on top.


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The hotel corridor between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo holds the most well-known


deluxe hotels and spas.

This acclaimed corridor has caught on to this tremendous growth and is quickly expanding with new hotels. Following its profit from hotels such as The Cape, Los Cabos is opening many new upscale spots with acclaimed names such as Hard Rock and LeBlanc Resort.

Travel Agent Central reports that Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Los Cabos will be debuting in July as a Preferred Hotels & Resorts member with “315 suits, lofts, penthouse and master residences.” Almost all the suits will include a kitchen, living room, and dining room and if requested, a private chef is also feasible. This property will also be filled with bars, restaurants, and many places for the guest’s enjoyment.


Keeping up with the Competition


Though this increase in hotels might seem like a threat to already-standing hotels, it seems the increase in hotels is part of the reason the city has become such an acclaimed location. With this surge in tourists and thus hotels, has come improvements around the city as well, such as an augmentation in the local airport and freshly-paved roads.



Sometimes it isn’t just about 

Image result for le blanc los cabosexpansion. Hoteliers are also getting creative.


 By offering rewards, some hotels show there is more to them than just a fancy location. 

Le Blanc Spa Resort Los Cabos, for example, is offering credit to anyone who stays more than four nights at their resort. Since their Spa is well-known, they allow guests to use this credit for extras, including massages. What better incentive than offering guests extra services for no extra charge?

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Why Retiring in Mexico Will Be Your Best Decision Ever

Looking for a place to spend your retirement years in blissful relaxation? Mexico just might be the perfect place for you. For over a decade, this South American country has proven that it offers the easiest transition to expat life, consistently making it to the list of top retirement destinations in the world. It has bagged the number one spot for the fifth time this year, further cementing its title as the best place to retire. Here are some of the reasons why.

  • Low cost of living. Expats can get by with as little as $1,200 a month. With the weakening of the peso against the dollar in the recent years, this amount is expected to go lower. Now, you can spend your money on other things, like putting up a business or buying properties.
  • Quality healthcare. Every major city in Mexico has a first-rate hospital, staffed with medical personnel who has had some training in Europe or the United States. Also, you do not need to have insurance to get treatments; medical care is cheap in Mexico that you can pay it in cash.
  • No language barriers. Many people think you need to learn Spanish to live in Mexico, but English is widely spoken throughout the country, particularly in popular tourist spots and expat communities. Thus, newcomers can easily communicate and fit right in.
  • Close proximity to the US. Those who plan on living part-time in Mexico will love the fact that the US is just a few hours away. Driving or flying home is convenient and cheap, with airline tickets costing as low as $200. This makes it easy to escape the cold winters of the US and soak up some sun down south.
  • Flexible weather. With the diverse selection of climates in the country, retirees will not have a hard time finding the perfect place with the right weather for them. Expats can choose to live practically anywhere, from spring in the highlands to summer on the beach.
  • Numerous retiree benefits. Legal residents aged 60 and above can get discounts on bus and airline tickets, as well as medical care, museum entrance fees, and more. Permanent residents with an INAPAM Card are given additional discounts that can go up to 50 percent.
  • Friendly locals. Naturally welcoming and friendly, tourists and expats will not have a hard time interacting and befriending the locals. They are warm and genuine, and would never hesitate to give you any kind of assistance, making your new life in Mexico a little easier.


Mexico might have had built itself a bad reputation over the years, but there are actually areas in the country that boast all the features and amenities a retiree is looking for. Whether you are looking to experience exotic culture or a first-class lifestyle, you will find it all here. Look for the perfect property for you in CaboCribs.com now and be a part of the 1 million Americans who now proudly call Mexico their home.

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fishing in los cabos

Why US Seniors are Spending Their Retirement in Mexico?

Year after year, a growing number of American seniors are spending their retirement years in the coastal areas of Mexico, including Cancun, Rosario Beach, Vallarta and Rocky Point.
Retirement in Mexico

These retirees opted to stay in this side of the country because of the relaxed and laid-back lifestyle. And although they admit to having reservations before they made their move, in the end they figured out that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

A recent study on the retirement trends in the United States shows important information that can greatly help meet the needs of the future group of American retirees who are considering living in Mexico. Previous research focused on well-known expatriate communities in central Mexico, particularly in San Miguel Allende and Ajijic. This left the coastal communities of the country the least studied among the US retirees.

Released last week, the report focused on issues affecting the American retirees in Mexico. Four more reports are expected to come out in the future, and will focus on real estate, health care, community involvement and environment. The study was based on an 88-question survey answered by 842 American participants. Aside from the questionnaire, data from the study also came from focus groups in individual communities.

The survey showed that most of the retirees are young, with almost half of them under 65 years old. About 30 percent of them are single, divorced, widowed or never married. A big chunk of them has an annual income higher than $25,000. Four out of five of them are homeowners, with mostly paying cash for their homes. They study was conducted in five areas where most retirees live, particularly Punta Banda and Playas de Tijuana, located south of Ensenada.

In one particular night, a group of US retirees gathered on a beach-side restaurant and echoed most of the findings of the survey. For most of them, money was a big factor and most of them has become comfortable with Mexico.
Retirement in Mexico
These people bought some of the region’s properties during the building boom during the years 2005 to 2006, and they bought their homes with cash. They mostly live in one or two-story homes and agree that high rises on the coastline restrict corridor views.

The survey says over half of the respondents considered litter as their top problem in their retirement communities. Even still, they reported walking on the beach as a favorite activity. Almost half of the respondents said safety issues were a big concern in their move to Mexico, and 66 percent said drug violence is an important public policy issue. Since they started living in Mexico, majority of the retirees have not yet changed their attitude about their personal safety.

Cabo Cribs Real Estate is a premier real estate company in Los Cabos, offering the easiest platform to help clients search for their dream home. With a user-friendly website, comprehensive listing and friendly and knowledgeable staff, everything you need will be at the touch of your fingertips. Contact them now and finally get your wish of living the good life in Los Cabos.

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Los Cabos Real Estate Fractional Ownership

Los Cabos Real Estate Fractional Ownership, a trend becoming more and more popular to home and property owners. It is not a new way of owning a property. In fact, it is a type of ownership that has existed for years. Here is some helpful information to help you start your property search!

Los Cabos Real Estate Fractional Ownership

Things to Know about Los Cabos Real Estate Fractional Ownership

Who needs Fractional Ownership?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Los Cabos Real Estate Fractional OwnershipThe selling of Los Cabos properties under fractional ownership began a decade ago when developers got into the act of it. In Los Cabos, many groups of people, friends, and families have already tried sharing properties. Fractional ownership is ideal for people who want to enjoy a luxurious property for less. If you know people who want to enjoy a property on a short-time basis, you should definitely consider fractional ownership. Maybe, you all agree to just use the property on short vacations and getaways. Maybe, everyone wants to invest in an affordable but luxurious property. Whatever your reasons are, fractional ownership will allow four to sixteen people to share the ownership and payment in a property. Since you can split the cost, you will basically be able to afford more than what you can as an individual.

What type of property can Fractional Ownership apply to?

In Los Cabos, any type of property can become a fractional offering.

What are the types of Fractional Ownership?

What is Los Cabos Real Estate Fractional Ownership

There are two main types of Fractional Ownership: formal and informal. In a Formal Fractional Ownership, a certain number of perfect strangers agree to own a property. This type of ownership is often more successful. At the time of purchase, every partial owner knows, agrees, and abide by the rules indicated on their contracts.

On the other hand, an Informal Fractional Ownership typically involves family members or friends. It caters special agreements between family and friends. These agreements can be added to the contract. We strongly suggest you all agree to the terms first before entering the contract to avoid conflicts in the future. Additionally, always make sure that terms are put into written agreements. Things you might consider adding in the terms are the following: division of months in a year, alternate picking of holidays, and the staying limit in a year.  At the end of the day, fractional ownership aims to achieve the needs of all parties in an equal and reasonable way.

How can Fractional ownership/partnership be successful?

Successful Los Cabos Real Estate Fractional OwnershipThere are a few things you must have during the course of your ownership as a group. You must always add the cost of the upkeep and the cost of repairs and improvement in the future to the contract. Aside from paying for the fractional cost of the property, it would be ideal to establish a contingency fund. This should not cost each owner a lot of money. Everyone can contribute a small amount of money on a monthly basis so that if the need for repair comes in, it will be easier to get the funds.

Can we use the Fractionally Owned Property for rentals?

Yes, Definitely! If there are too many months that the property is vacant from shared-owners’ use, you can get it out on the rental market. Many people come to Los Cabos. It will be a good opportunity for you and other owners to get profit. However, if you do this, we recommend you specify the terms in the contract as early as your purchase date. This  will reduce conflicts in the future. You can indicate how the profits will be allocated and who will be responsible for marketing and administering the rentals.

What happens if one owner decides to sell his/her share?

Initially, the terms and conditions of your Los Cabos real estate fractional ownership contract should include necessary information about what happens if one of the owners decide to sell his/her part of the property. It should indicate the terms of how one party can buy the other if desired. It will be best to consult a lawyer to ensure you follow all correct processes and conform to the Mexican law. Additionally, it will be easier to have an attorney as he will be able to handle all closing documents that will be submitted to the bank holding the trust and the notary public.

Should I be concerned about time-share?

Yes, you should be! You must educate yourself on the differences of timeshare and fractional ownership to avoid confusions in the future. Timeshare and fractional ownership are two different things. Read more about it and weigh which option suits your needs. It would be best to consult a real estate broker to ensure your options are explained properly with expertise!


Los Cabos Real Estate Fractional Ownership is perfect for people who want to invest and enjoy a luxurious property in a more affordable way!  If you have more questions about owning a property in Los Cabos, you may call us at +1-310-860-6063 (US) or +52 1 624 688 6841 (Mexico). Are you ready to find out how you can enjoy life to the full?

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Los Cabos Neighborhood Guide


Los Cabos Neighborhood, one of the beautiful places to discover in your bucket list, is located on the southern tip of Baja California Peninsula in West-Central Mexico. It is a municipality which is part of the State of Baja California Sur.

Los Cabos Neighborhood Major Areas

There are three major areas inside Los Cabos: Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, and The Corridor. Cabo San Lucas sits on the south end of Los Cabos, San Jose del Cabo lies on the North-East part of Los Cabos, and The Corridor is between the two towns. Let us discover more about the following areas!

Cabo San Lucas Downtown

Cabo San Lucas Los Cabos Neighborhood

Cabo San Lucas is a unique commercialized town in Los Cabos. There are numerous small and affordable hotels in here that are more affordable than those in The Corridor. Most tourists stay in all-inclusive hotels and resorts. Compared to other traditional towns, Cabo San Lucas does not have a large cathedral or main plaza. It mainly features the entertainment district and the marina. If you love the nightlife and parties, you will love this place. The downtown area is filled with tons of restaurants, clubs and bars to choose from. Travelers specifically love staying in Cabo San Lucas during its two main events of the year: Spring Break and Sammy Hagar‘s birthday on the first weekend of October. The latter is celebrated in the famous Cabo Wabo Cantina on Calle Guerrero, The Giggling Marlin, and Pink Kitty Nightclub.

Los Cabos Neighborhood Cabo San Lucas

South of the downtown area, you will find the Marina district. If you want to experience the Mexican culture and have a closer encounter of Cabo living, the Marina is perfect for you. You can also see the best beaches in this place. If you want to explore the seas with luxury, the Marina also has the facilities for cruise ships. You can also simply go for a walk on the shore and watch the fishermen haul their daily catch or you may go for a souvenir hunt and shop for local crafts. You should not miss trying some local flavors at a taco shop or taqueria too.

San José del Cabo

Los Cabos Neighborhood San Jose Del Cabo

Twenty miles northeast of Los Cabos lies San Jose Del Cabo. If you want to experience a more traditional Mexican way of life, San Jose del Cabo is the best place to experience it. It is pretty easy to get around Los Cabos. You can ride a taxi or a bus going to this place whichever part of the Los Cabos neighborhood you are coming from. You can have a good city tour on foot and see some of the oldest Spanish colonial architecture in the area. Of course, you shouldn’t miss tasting traditional food from the numerous restaurants downtown. You may also be interested in shopping local souvenirs from upscale shops. They also have beaches but with strong undertows. You may find a few clubs and bars too.

The Corridor

The Corridor Los Cabos Neighborhood

The success of the two towns led to the creation of The Corridor. People built resorts and hotels along the coastal transpeninsular highways between two towns. It stretches about 30 kilometers or 2 miles. The location features developed resorts, hotels, and golf courses. However, there are still some parts with small isolated undeveloped beaches. Despite the success of Los Cabos, high-rise construction has been kept limited. The Corridor is where most travelers find lodging in the Los Cabos neighborhood.

Get on your next trip and discover Los Cabos. You might just love the place and wish to live here.


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8 Things to Do in Los Cabos


Los Cabos, located in the Mexican State of Baja California Sur, is not just a popular location for retirees but also a favorite tourist destination for many because of the numerous beautiful things in the place. The two most known tourist destination in Los Cabos are Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. These places are not just famous for its spectacular sunsets and sand, but also for its sapphire blue waters. The climate in the place is also perfectly delightful all year round. It is a 21-mile corridor at the very tip of the Mexican Peninsula filled with fun activities.

Sun and Sand
Sun and Sand - Things to do in Los Cabos

We just have to get the sun and sand first on the list. You can enjoy Los Cabos by simply spending your time on the beach. The beaches in Los Cabos come in different varieties too. Your personal preference will not be a problem. If you appreciate solemnity and calmness, then go for calm beaches along the Sea of Cortez. You would love the beaches here because they are not too crowded. On the other hand, you love the nightlife and you are a person who loves doing wild activities, you can head to the beaches on the Pacific side. Whichever path you choose to go to, expect to see unparalleled sceneries and soft sand.


Every year, huge international fishing tournaments and events are held in Los Cabos. You can experience it for yourself too. If you seek more adventure on Baja’s Sea, the Sea of Cortez is home to approximately 650 different species of fish. The best part is that you can go fishing all year round. Enjoy a fresh catch and a great view of marine life. You might also have a close encounter with seals, whales, and dolphins. If you want to take fishing to the next level, you can also go shark fishing!


Sightseeing - Things to do in Los Cabos

Los Cabos offers many places to visit. You can go for a city tour in San Jose del Cabo, head to the land’s end to see where two seas meet, or walk along Playa del Amor at low tide to see the El Arco rock formation. You can rent a car to go to high places too. As you explore the place, you can drop by some stores to buy souvenirs like local handicrafts and delicacies. You can find the best ones at Mercado Mexicano on Calle Hidalgo in Obregon.


A person who loves adventure and wildlife will appreciate a good off-road trip. You can hop on an ATV and drive on the desert in Los Cabos. You can also go for a jeep tour if driving is not your thing but you love the wild. Not only will you be able to see the best places and wildlife in the place with these activities but also discover more about the local culture.

Whale watching

Whale Watching - Things to do in Los Cabos

If you want to see something more spectacular, you can go whale watching. Los Cabos has shallow waters, rich ecosystem, abundant food, and warm climate which are loved by these giant mammals. The perfect month for you to go is from December to March. On these months, ninety percent of the world’s whale population come to the waters around Baja to give birth and rear young whales.

Diving & Snorkeling

If you are up for an underwater adventure, go diving and snorkeling and appreciate the beauty of the rich marine life in Los Cabos. A sapphire crystal clear water of Los Cabos is perfect for snorkeling and diving. You will be able to see everything with this high visibility underwater. The perfect place to go is at Lover’s Beach, Neptune’s Finger, and Pelican Rock. You may also see some sea lions. If you are looking for more adventure, go to Gordo Banks in San Jose del Cabo and see whale sharks, hammered sharks, and sting rays.

Cruising & Sailing

El Arco Sightseeing - Things to do in Los Cabos

You can also go cruising in the Sea of Cortez while having breakfast to have a closer view of the rock formation. You can also go cruising at dusk to have a better view of the sunset.


Nightlife - Things to do in Los Cabos

After you freshen up from a whole day of satisfying beach adventure, you can head to the discotheques, bars, and restaurants in Cabo San Lucas. You can drink ’till the last drop, hit the dance floor, enjoy local food, or simply enjoy good music.

Whether you are from the north or from any other tropical country, you will surely enjoy nature’s bounty in Los Cabos and the varieties of activities it offers. You might just keep coming back for its exquisite rich nature, hospitable people, and varieties of fun activities.





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9 Reasons Why You Should Live in Los Cabos


Los Cabos is not just an ideal place for retirement. You can actually live in this magnificent location anytime you desire. Here are nine reasons why you should live in Los Cabos.

1. Weather

Weather is the Reason to Live in Los Cabos
Who does not love bright skies, tanned skin, and lovely sunsets? You can experience all of these almost ninety percent of the time in a whole year. Los Cabos is one of the sunniest spots in the globe. In fact, in the 365 days of a year, you will see Mr. Sun in an average of 320 days. How does that sound? Now, don’t be too scared of getting a heat stroke on a hot day. Los Cabos is strategically located near the coastal areas where the hot temperature is cooled down by the sea breeze.

2. Beaches and Attractions

Being a popular go-to for tourists, Los Cabos does not only offer beaches. You can also find superb amenities. Not only will you find touristy beaches, but also explore isolated coves. Whether you are a person looking for tranquility and solemnity or a person looking for an active nightlife, Los Cabos is perfect for you.

3. Water Sports and Activities

Water Sports are Reasons to Live in Los Cabos
The most popular water activity in Los Cabos is sports fishing. Yearly, they host different fishing events and tournaments. Aside from this, there are numerous water activities you can try. You can go for light activities like swimming, snorkeling, boating, canoeing, and kayaking. You can also pump your adrenaline with extreme sports: scuba diving, windsurfing, and water skiing. Wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to do all these anytime?

4. Land Recreational Activities

In Los Cabos, you got tons of options for activities to do. Aside from water sports, you can also try land activities. Go for a hike on desert terrains, explore the mountains in Los Cabos, and enjoy a breathtaking view! You may also join eco-tours and road races.

5. Marine Feast

If you love seafood, you can enjoy them fresh in Los Cabos. Try palatable taquerias and fish tacos from hotels, restaurants, or casual dining locations any time of the year.

6. Diverse Communities

San Jose Del Cabo
Going to different parts of Los Cabos is like going to different dimensions: Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, and The Corridor. If you are an active person who loves the nightlife, you can go to Cabo San Lucas. If you want to witness and experience the Mexican culture, you can visit San Jose del Cabo – a traditional town highly influenced by the Mexican culture. If you are looking for high-end locations, The Corridor is the right place for you!

7. Ease and Accessibility

Whether you are traveling by land, sea, or air, the availability of transportation options make it easier to live and travel to Los Cabos.

8. Affordable Oceanfront Properties

If you compare the prices of real estate in Los Cabos to those of the US, Europe, and Canada, they are still very affordable. Aside from the fact that most of these properties feature an amazing view of the ocean. If you want to look for the best and most affordable options, we got your back!

9. Good investment

Investments in Los Cabos come in different levels from small to large. Since it is a touristy spot, it is a great location for startups and huge businesses. If you plan to live and work, investing is something you can consider.

Why do you have to miss half of your life when you can enjoy it as soon as now? No need to wait for your hair to turn gray. Let us know and we’ll show you around.




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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Retire in Los Cabos


The natural beauty and the warmth of the people in Los Cabos are the main reasons why you should retire here. There are also tons of other reasons why you would love to retire here. The list would be endless if we share them all with you. Here is a simple and concise list of the top reasons why it is ideal for those people who are heading into their twilight years to move and retire in Los Cabos.

The Oceans of Los Cabos

Activities Why You Should Retire in Los Cabos

There are two oceans to explore in Los Cabos. Not only are they pristine, they are also bristling with life. You can enjoy numerous water activities like fishing, sailing, and whale watching. Are you visualizing your retirement already?

Easy to Settle Down in Los Cabos

Aside from the perks of accessible five-star hotels, resorts, fine dining, and nightlife, there are many waterfront properties in Los Cabos that became almost unaffordable for retirees. If you have been saving your money all your life to get that dream house with an ocean view in the United States, Canada or Europe, well, you can make your dreams come true now in Los Cabos. Have I told you that the housing market in Los Cabos is one of the most sought after option because of its price and quality? In addition to the nearly affordable house, you can also visit the United States anytime because Los Cabos is located in Baja California Sur which is close to the US. You will surely find solitude in Baja California.

The Weather in Los Cabos

The Weather Why You Should Retire in Los Cabos

The weather in Los Cabos is divine. It is about 78ºF on an average day. The weather is sunny and beautiful in most days. There may be times of bad weather during the hurricane season but expect a higher percentage of consistent sunny days. This means that you can enjoy spectacular Instagram-worthy sunrises and sunsets every day!

The Activities in Los Cabos

Water Sports Why You Should Retire in Los Cabos

When you have a gorgeous weather every day, you will also have more time to spend in enjoying activities under the sun. The climate in Los Cabos is excellent for experiencing all sorts of indoor and outdoor activities. There are many places to visit. As a matter of fact, the place participates in a statewide ecotourism. The location also features six World Championship Golf Courses. You can also find all sorts of water sports in Los Cabos. Above all, Los Cabos is filled with fun events and activities all year round!

The People in Los Cabos

People of Los Cabos

You can retire in a beautiful location and have an amazing weather for the whole year but you cannot always find the best people to grow old with. In Los Cabos, the people are awesome and friendly. Cabo people love to sell crafts and services. They also welcome foreigners and embrace tourism in their town.

Aside from being a world-class travel destination, a popular vacation spot for celebrities, and a romantic wedding spot, Los Cabos is a prime location for retirees. Whether you come here to retire or simply travel, let us know and we will show you around! Come to Los Cabos and experience the culture. Like what millennials would always say, YOLO! You only live once!




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