From celebrities like George Clooney to my family… We all purchased a home in Mexico the same way.  It’s a Bank Trust that you own called a FIDEICOMISO.   In USA and Canada bank trusts work exactly the same.   The home is purchased under a trust and you own the trust.

Mexican real estate transactions differ from other countries, but it’s definitely possible to buy property in Mexico. With some of the most beautiful beaches in the world (all of which are public), most desirable properties for foreign acquisition are situated in the “Restricted Zone”— basically all coastal property between 60 feet from the mean high-tide line, to 31 miles inland from the ocean. The “Restricted Zone” also includes property within 62 miles of an international border. Since 1973 the Mexican constitution has protected foreign buyers, with the introduction of a 50 year (renewable) bank trust known as a Fideicomiso. The “naked title” is held by a Mexican bank; but the buyer(s) and beneficiary(ies) control the asset. The Fideicomiso can be sold, transferred, bequeathed, or however the buyer/beneficiary chooses. It is an asset to have a Fideicomiso, as it makes the property asset more easily liquidated.


So to answer your question… YES! you can buy beachfront land in Mexico. Let us show you how.

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