Real Estate Asset Specialist

about me

Brad Ackerman is a current permanent resident of Cabo San Lucas. Brad was a previous Real estate agent in the highly competitive Vancouver, British Columbia market in Canada. He has been fully licensed since 2006. In his first year alone Brad, quickly rose to the top tier by becoming a member of the prestigious medallion club. This represents the top agents in all of Vancouver. Brads Real estate journey began much sooner though, purchasing his first home at young age of 19. He quickly realized real estate was a sound place to invest in and watch your equity grow. Whether it be the property value or the growing demand for passive income through short- and long-term rentals, Brad is fluent in both strategies. Brad has been coming to Cabo since the early 80’s. His family purchased their first vacation home and has been a part of the community ever since. Brad has children in the school system and his most recent child was born in beautiful, balmy, breezy Cabo. Brad has a wealth of knowledge and information beyond real estate. If you are planning on making a move, buying a vacation home or looking for a sound real estate investment with high returns, contacting Brad an absolute must.