LOVE OR FEAR – What Do You See? Thanks Jim Carrey!

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I know it is not common to receive inspirational thoughts from a real estate company, but really what is more important in life than choosing inspiration, thankfulness and happiness every day. Sometimes life is about doing… activities, work, family life, relaxing.  Sometimes life is about reflecting. Today I have been struck with a sense of […]

To Go Or Not Go – Millions Of Vacationers Still Flocking To Mexico

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The LA Times just wrote a great article about all that is happening in the world and traveling to Mexico.  CLICK HERE TO READ.  I myself and many others living here and traveling here have said they feel more comfortable in Cabo then back home in the States.  Every single month we have at least […]

Six And A Half Reasons Why Canadians Want To Move To Los Cabos


Six And A Half Reasons Why Canadians Want To Move To Los Cabos Sun, sand, and surf is pretty much the desire of most Canadians, especially in the winter months. Although the question arises, where would you travel to? For most Canadians, Mexico is the immediate choice and for good reason, but vacationing in Mexico […]


Baby Boomers Invest In Cabo Real Estate

4 Reasons Why Cabo Real Estate Might Be The Best Investment Of Your Life. Yes, there are many ways to make smart money with a strong return on investment, but there are very few investment opportunities that provide a unique, fun lifestyle change. Cabo San Lucas real estate is booming right now, with billions of […]

If You Like Jimmy Buffett… Then You Will Love The East Cape Baja Lifestyle

East Cape Jet skiing

EVER WONDER WHAT CABO WAS LIKE 30 YEARS AGO? EVER WONDER HOW SOME PEOPLE CAN LIVE A JIMMY BUFFETT LIFESTYLE? If you want to know, keep reading. Before cruise ships, beach vendors, thumping music, and high-rise mega-resorts Los Cabos was a sleepy fishing town like many you can find today in the East Cape, just […]

Moving To Los Cabos Was The Worst Decision Of My Life…NOT!

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6 REASONS TO MOVE TO LOS CABOS I moved from Poland to Mexico ten years ago. During this time I’ve lived in many places inside the country and as a touring musician I have seen it all…well, enough. Enough to confidently say that Mexico is one of the best, if not the best country to […]

The Amazing Sunsets Of The South Baja.

Baja California Sunset

Baja California is well known for many different things like: super high end resorts, luxury Cabo real estate, amazing sports fishing tournaments, world class restaurants, exclusive golf courses, outdoor adventures in land and ocean. Even Jacques Cousteau named it the Waters of the Sea of Cortez the world’s aquarium. In other words there are many […]

Retired Couple Builds Ocean View Home For Under $270K

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HOW, YOU ASK…!  4,000 SQ-FT Ocean View Home / Lifestyle / For Under $270K. Bill and Sheila are from snowing Durham Ontario, Canada.  They decided to throw away their snow shovels and move to Los Cabos for many reasons. 1. Enjoy their retirement in the sun. 3. Increase their lifestyle. 4. Inexpensive quality healthcare. 5. […]

Real Estate: California Vs. Cabo – Discover The Better Investment Option

California Real Estate

Is California Real Estate Still A Good Investment?  In short the answer can be yes. Cali real estate can be a good investment depending on timing, supply and demand, location, etc.   But when comparing California real estate against Los Cabos the answer is a BIG FAT NO… Apples to apples the deal is sweeter in Cabo. […]


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