Baja Sur Vacation Rentals: Luxury Villas in Cabo 

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Baja California Sur Beachfront Real Estate Baja Sur Vacation Rentals: Luxury Villas in Cabo When you’re taking the trip of a lifetime, you want the best accommodations. HouseKey vacation rentals give you a sense of luxury, close to all your favorite things to do. If you’ve never stayed in a villa before, you’ve missed out […]

$1.6 Billion Reasons Why Cabo Real Estate Is A Great Investment.


$1.6 Billion Reasons Why Cabo Real Estate Is A Great Investment. In 2021 Los Cabos sold $1,600,000,000 in residential real estate and the momentum has not stopped. There is a reason why so many investors/home purchasers bought Cabo Real Estate. In short, it’s because Cabo is a smart investment not only financially but also for […]


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Who wouldn’t want to own a home in Los Cabos? We all have different requirements and expectations when buying a home. It’s a given that we all want a good return on our real estate investment, but that can take two different forms, depending on what our clients are looking for. During this Cabo real […]



Thank you FORBES!! What a great article to wake up to. Forbes just announced that Los Cabos is the first Travel Destination in the world to pass the health security validation test. Among the Mexican region’s (Baja Sur) 85 hotels, 84 of them have completed and maintained verification on more than 360 global health security […]

Hot Property Listings for May

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Now, more than ever is the best time to invest in a Cabo property. There are plenty of large-scale developments everywhere, as well as mid-to-small-sized businesses opening their doors. Los Cabos is booming and continues to experience a surge of inward investment, which means great news to everyone. Whether you’re buying a vacation home for […]

Moving To Los Cabos Was The Worst Decision Of My Life…NOT!

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6 REASONS TO MOVE TO LOS CABOS I moved from Poland to Mexico ten years ago. During this time I’ve lived in many places inside the country and as a touring musician I have seen it all…well, enough. Enough to confidently say that Mexico is one of the best, if not the best country to […]

Everyone Needs A Little Cabo Time… Even Jeff Bezos.


JEFF BEZOS IS IN CABO. Well the news is out…. Jeff Bezos has decided to taken some R&R here in Los Cabos after he just announced he is stepping down as CEO of Amazon to spend more time on his other projects he loves. The Only Pictures Are In 🙂  

Cabo Real Estate Once Owned By Rock Gods :). 

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Cabo Real Estate Once Owned By The Legionary Red Hot Chili Peppers. Casa Cortez just might be located in one of the best gated communities when it comes to location. Cabo Bello, is situated about a half a mile from downtown Cabo.  It is centrally located to all the stores you will need to make […]

Cabo’s Top 3 Real Estate Developments

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3 Most Luxurious Cabo Real Estate Developments So, let’s dive in… When searching for the three most luxurious developments in Cabo, there are many that stand out, but this list excludes properties that are directly attached to resorts. This isn’t to say that there aren’t some brilliant developments, such as those of the Ritz Carlton […]


Beach Front Properties