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The CaboCribs team has been making noise in Los Cabos for the past two years and are quickly becoming a major player in the Baja real estate market.  Led by real estate veteran, Leeroy Jarvis, the CaboCribs team is only focused on one thing…bringing ADDED VALUE to our clients’ lives by ensuring their home buying experience is QUALITY, AUTHENTIC, and FUN.

Of course, Los Cabos has Luxury Real Estate that rivals the best in the world; but we believe it’s not just about the beautiful “Brick & Mortar” but the fun, authentic, quality, and spiritual lifestyle everyone seeks.

From relaxing with a good book overlooking the ocean to living adventures (luxury and/or organic), Los Cabos is the epitome of everything good in life…  Allow us to show you.

Open House experiences come in all shapes and sizes.   Some come with cocktails, appetizers, and brochures which we love; but now Open Houses come from the comfort of your couch. Yes, it is important to feel exactly what your next ocean view or community looks like, but why wait to start the process… Start now!!

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“Gaga flew to Mexico earlier this week to celebrate her birthday with close friends. She likes to recharge in Cabo and often visits.”

“Luxury Real Estate in Los Cabos is Back.”

“After just one day spent on the sunny, spectacular strip of beaches along Mexico’s Baja California Sur coast, it became apparent that Cabo was experiencing a major boom.”

“Hang out at any of these spots a few times and you might consider living in Cabo too. 1. Acre 2. La Lupita 3. Mixology 4. RootTop At The Cape 5. Drift San Jose“

“How Long Will Todos Santos Remain Mexico's Best-Kept Secret? Los Cabos is booming.”

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We, the CaboCribs team, are a CLASS-ACT.  We are also proud misfits that love what we do and where we live.  From motorcycles, SUPing, Surfing, Tennis, SCUBA, Dune Buggies, to finding that perfect local café on a Sunday morning… we live it all. We are a Content, Thankful, and Fun group of people and we would love to show you the best of Los Cabos that fits YOUR Lifestyle.

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WARNING!!! If you contact us you are one step closer to living the lifestyle you have been dreaming about.[/zoacres_vc_section_title]

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