3 Steps To Keep Mental Health In Check In Uncertain Times

KEEPING YOUR MENTAL HEALTH IN CHECK – A Topic That Is Usually Not Discussed… Because it is not fun, sexy and can make us feel very vulnerable.

I will keep this short… And Sweet… Or at least I will try 🙂.
If you keep reading you will find three steps to keeping your sanity during these strange days. 🙂

I am not a Doc but knowing human nature, I would argue that mental health is going to be a very real issue if it is not already because of what is happening in the world today.

During these strange days there is a lot of uncertainty which can bring fear, depression, and a lot of feelings of “what is my WHY” or even “what is my worth”.
Because what is happening right now to our economy and personal health, physical or emotional can rob us of our happiness / thankfulness / Contentment.

Depending on how we look on life and manage our thoughts, this Coronavirus and economic situation could be ROCKING our 6 emotional needs…. Our feelings that make us feel like we have value or an identity….what makes us happy.

1. Certainty – People who take comfort in things always being the same, safe, and need a schedule to feel in control or happy might find this time difficult.

2. Uncertainty – Someone that loves adventure might actually enjoy that the world looks different today but may feel robbed of being able to adventure… Feeling that they have more limitations.

3. Significance – Someone who loses their job or their car might find this time very hard as these things can feel like they are a part of us…. our status and / or identity.

4. Love + Connections – People who thrive off community, coming together, building relationships may find this time very hard as we are all stuck indoors.

5. Growth – For individuals that find self worth from personal growth might find this time awesome or awful based on what they want to accomplish. We have more time right now for indoor things.

6. Contribution – Individuals that feel value from being able to give to others might feel empty during this time as resources might be limited.

THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS…. most people will be confronted during this time as everything is getting “shooken up”. How we manage our thoughts, memories, and the ability to redefine our personal “WHYs” will set the tone on how we personally deal in these transitioning times.

When I say “redefining our WHYs” … I mean…. EXAMPLE: Someone might think “I want to workout”. The question to ask is then “why”. Most people will fail at working out everyday if they don’t identify their own personal “why”. What do they want to feel when they accomplish working out for 1 to 12 months. Is it for health? Is it to attract a mate? Significance? If you have a busy schedule and you know the only time to workout is at 4:30am everyday then you better know your WHY or else you will probably fail in the first 2 days because they have not concreting the WHY in their mind.

WE CAN CHOOSE OUR THOUGHTS so in every moment choose thankfulness. You might be surprised at how beautiful life is after this strange time. You might shed all the social expectations / norms / unimportant things during this time.
If anything, you will just be an emotionally healthier and more happy person.
DON’T LET YOUR EXPECTATIONS of what you think you deserve get in the way of your happiness which is a choice. JUST DON’T!!

THREE DAILY LESSONS FROM SMARTER PEOPLE THAN ME…. We all know that managing your thoughts and feelings can be very difficult, but there are 3 steps to help in managing all this.
As humans we are ALL SPIRITUAL in our own beautiful way. We are all PHYSICAL In our own beautiful way.
We are all PASSIONATE In Our own beautiful way.
Keep it fun. Keep in simple.

These are the three things we need to manage everyday.
1. Spiritual – Everyday read that religious book that fits your flavor. Walk in nature. Micro dose on weed…. Do yoga (FYI… Yoga does not need to be about emptying the mind… It can be just relaxing, breathing and focusing on the things you are thankful for. )
2. Physical – We are all different shapes and sizes. We are all different on the bio level. We just need to “do”. DO something for yourself because your body and soul is craving it.
3. Passion – We are all gifted in different ways. So go to “that”…. and do it everyday because your soul needs it.

I was thinking about it this morning…. All the silent pain and suffering people are feeling, or maybe soon to feel during these uncertain times.
So OWN and RECOGNIZE the pain… Manage your thoughts and conquer them with a heart of thankfulness.
Do the three steps everyday.
Be open to redefining your “WHYs”, because most of our WHYs come with expectations, which can rob us from happiness.
And talk to your friends about what you are going through because we are all dealing with this thing called LIFE that is ever Changing.

Here’s To More Life! 🙂


Jeremy Meerstra
CaboCribs Marketing Director @ Cabocribs (cabo san lucas real estate)

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