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Happy Holidays from CaboCribs.com in Los Cabos Mexico

Posted by CaboCribs Real Estate on December 24, 2012
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Happy Holidays!

CaboCribs.com wishes you so much for the New Year.

It is the time to rejoice and be with family and friends. I hope that everybody has the most love filled holiday and you are able to be with your most beloved family members and best friends. Everyone should be able to feel love around this time of year.

Los Cabos has a wonderful sense of community.  Every year we get together a growing number of mostly Canadians and Americans and give out gifts to the less fortunate children of the Bario. Through out the year starting January, we save and collect new and used toys in much anticipation to hand these gifts to the waiting smiles of the children.


Gift Giving at Cabo San Lucas

What a feeling it truly is to be a part of something so amazing. Its one day out of 364 days that we don’t think about ourselves and only of others. Giving truly does feel better then receiving.  You really need to try this once in your life.

Cabo, although is a very wealthy town, has a very poor area that sometimes gets forgotten. These poor children have nothing, not even a concrete floor. The smiles you see coming from their faces knowing they don’t have much is a heart melting experience.

If you would like more information on how to be a part of our growing group of kind heart’d North Americans you can contact us through CaboCribs.com


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