CaboCribs Real Estate

CaboCribs real estate:

Our concept here at CaboCribs real estate is very simple. We are helping real people create real homes for themselves in this wonderful spot on earth that is called Los Cabos. We at this company come from very different origins and Countries and we all fell in love with this amazing place in Mexico. It has one of the sunniest years on earth with only 5 days of rain approximately in a whole year.

You might wonder about the Hurricane season we have. Well, it happens rarely that a hurricane has landfall in this area and when it does happen, 90% of the houses built alongside the beach and in gated communities are very well protected. So you can leave your home with a calm heart knowing all will be good when you come back when things cooled off.

CaboCribs real estate agency is here to help you find that perfect spot where you want to spend your days. Whether you are retired and want to enjoy your retirement or if you have kids and looking for a nice getaway place for you and your family. Los Cabos has it all. With activities for young and old, we at CaboCribs real estate can find you the perfect area for you to live in

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Pescadero Real Estate

Pescadero is a small town between Cabo San Lucas on the south and todos Santos more up north. It has around the 2000 inhabitants which makes this the perfect place to retire. Even though it is a small town, there are plenty of places as Pescadero real estate.

Pescadero has one of the best climates in the whole of Baja California Sur. In the summer time, the Pacific ocean will bring a cold breeze making the hot months bearable. And in the winter time, which are usually the months march and may, the days are softly warm with cooler temperatures at night.

Pescadero is an Oasis in the desert and an amazing place to go down and enjoy the calm life of a fishing village. The pescadero real estate are most commingly found close to the ocean where you can enjoy the sunrise and sunsets over the ocean.

We at CaboCribs have an office located in Pescadero. We have agents working there who know the area as the back of their hands. With this you have an extra advantage for when it comes in looking for the perfect Pescadero Real Estate. Check our contact page for more information about our office and agents there

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Pescadero Real Estate

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Cabo San Lucas Condos for sale

Cabo San Lucas condos for sale

We at CaboCribs work hard every day to provide the latest information on Cabo San Lucas condos for sale. Every day new listings are added and sold ones are taken down. For that reason we developed our website with an intelligent software that keeps track of every movement in the MLS listings. So whenever a house is sold it will be taken down. When there are price reductions our website will be the first to highlight them for your convenience.


All of the Condos that are available in Los cabos are very different from one to the other. There are really awesome beautiful locations right in the heart of downtown Cabo San Lucas. But if you are looking for something more quiter there are also many different spots in gated communities. many Cabo San Lucas condos for sale in areas that are close to the beach or close to downtown. When taken the road to the East cape you will find many gated communities  where you can have a Condo that looks out over the amazing mountain range or over the pacific ocean. Some are located right next to the golfcourse. For every kind of person there is a condo available in Los Cabos

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Los Cabos gated communities

Los Cabos gated communities

Los Cabos has many different properties to offer, and many of them are located in gated communities. in this article we will discuss with you the benefits of Los Cabos gated communities and how we at CaboCribs can help you.


One of the benefits of living in gated communities in Los Cabos is that no matter what property you choose. you will always have an open view on the ocean.

Every house is so build that it will give you an open view at the ocean all around. you also have 24/7 security, so when you leave your home for a couple of months to visit family you can be assured your home and everything in it is safe.

there are many different Los Cabos gated communities. All of them stretching out from Cabo San Lucas to San Jos del Cabo to Puerto Los Cabos, all the way to the East Cape. And every single one of them offer amazing views. and mostly are located at the pacific what means that you will have a chance to see the migrating Whales right outside your living room!

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Cabocribs helps you find your dream home

Our team of professional agents and broker are ready to help you in anything you might need help in. We are not only there to help you find you a house. We want to help you finding your dream home in the Los Cabos Gated Communities.







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Los Cabos Real Estate

Los Cabos Real Estate

We at CaboCribs do our outmost to find for you the best deals in the Los Cabos real estate market. Here at CaboCribs we have a really extensive database for all kinds of properties. We have properties that are for sale but we also offer vacation and permanent rentals.

What is for sale in Los Cabos?

Our database here at CaboCribs is filled with houses, Condominium and apartments at all sort of locations. We have houses in Los Cabos real estate that are close to the beach with a stunning view on the ocean. We have condominiums right in the heart of downtown Cabo San Lucas when you want to be in the center of all things happening. We can offer nice and quiet places in closed comunities within walking distance of the center of San Jose or Cabo San Lucas.

About CaboCribs


Our Broker, Leeroy Jarvis, works together with his team of professionals to find exactly the typ of home you are looking for. Him and his agents are there for you 24/7 to answer all your questions and help you to clear out some doubts you might have.

If you want to try out Los Cabos for a while they can also hook you up with one of our rentals. Come Down to Los Cabos and experience all the fun and excitment that los cabos has to offer. We can help you find activities you would like to do for you and your whole family.

Contact us here or go to our facebook page and message us there to get an instant reply from our broker or one of his agents.


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Cabo San Lucas Real Estate

Cabo San Lucas Real Estate

The number one vacation destination in Mexico is also one of the best places to buy your (second) home. The Cabo San Lucas Real estate consist every year in new affordable stand alone homes, Condominiums, new gated comunities are developed every year and the list goes on.

And we at Cabocribs can help you find the house or condo you are looking for. We do what ever we can to keep our Cabo San Lucas real estate list up to date. We are the number one provider for any real estate you might be interested in in the Los Cabos municipality.


Our agency specializes in our clients, meaning we do whatever we can to get to know you personally. So we know what you are interested in. And that will help us find the best and suitable house for you. We want to help you find your new home away from home, sort of speak.

We create and upload videos to our youtube channel, post new fresh content and events on our social media pages. We want to make sure our audience know everything that we know about cabo san lucas and its surrounding areas-

Since recently we are able to create and upload 3D virtual tours to our listings on the MLS page all for our own homes. Unique for an agency in Los Cabos!




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Beach Houses Los Cabos

Beach Houses Los cabos

Ever dreamed of owning a house on the beach? Then we can help you make that dream come true! There are so many beach houses to choose from. And owning a beach house Los Cabos is not expensive at all. In this article we tell you all you need to know about beach houses Los Cabos.

why having a house on the beach

Many people think it is the most amazing thing to actually own a house on the beach, but most people never dare to set the step. Mostly because they do not know how this style of living affects their normal way of life.
It is true that it brings a certain mentallity when buying a beach house. First of all you are surrounded by water. and your backyard is not a garden but an ocean!

But when you own a beach house los cabos you have the opportunity to expierence every day new wonders! In the winter months you will be able to see migrating whales right outside your living room. Every day you see a different color scheme made by an amazing sunset or sunrise. in the summer months you are able to see jumoing stingrays. They only do this during mating season in the los cabos area.

Beach house Los Cabos

When looking for a beach house in Los Cabos please visit our website and go to the featured listings page where you can look for all beach house that Los Cabos has to offer!


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Condo Cabo San Lucas

Condo Cabo San Lucas

There are almost too many Condo Cabo San Lucas. And there are different reasons why you should consider in buying a condominium instead of a house. In this article we will discuss a view upsides of condos in Cabo San Lucas.

Location, location, location

Yes, Location says it all. If you look for something in the middle of downtown a house is impossible to find. But right at the marina there are condos for sale at a very reasonable price. Even at the time of writing this article there are condos being developed right on the top area of the main mall, Puerto Paraiso. But if you want to have a condo Cabo San Lucas which is in a more quiet area, then that option is available too. And you can be real sure you always have a view on the ocean, golfcourse or something else. No neighbours house who will disturb your view. Not now and not in the future.


yes the price on condo Cabo San Lucas are incredible low. which means if you don’t have a big budget you still can afford an amazing (second) house right in the area you like. And that means anywhere in Los Cabos. Not only the outside skirt of the cities but also in the center of Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del cabo.

So if you look for a condo in the area of Los Cabos, feel free to contact us at any givin time. You can send us an email, phone us on our Us or Mexican phone number or you can contact us by one of the socila media accounts we have. Talk to Leeroy Jarvis or one of our other agents and we will do our outmost to meet all your wishes and desires. Your dream home awaits here!

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Real Estate Cabo San Lucas

Real Estate Cabo San Lucas

The real estate Cabo San Lucas is blooming!! With new porperties being developed every year there are new opportunities to own a house on the beach looking out on Land’s End.
But also to the great Cactus fields on the hills more inland. Or a house build on top of a hill overlooking the city. Which is at night spectaculair with all the cities lights.

Why live in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San lucas has So many things to offer it is impossible to dedicate just one post to it.
Some of the more popular things are, fishing, snorkling, ATV rides, adventure tours to the Wild Canyon, Golf, Whale watching. And of course when you are done with all these activities you can just go sipping margaritas on the beach doing nothing at all.
And the real estate cabo san lucas is surrounded by all these different activities. We offer you our help to find that piece of real estate cabo san lucas that you want, no you DESERVE!

Visit our search page here and look for a property of your liking in Cabo San Lucas.
If you want we can set up an appointment for you to look at the house you choose you can visit it phisically or virtually now with our 3D models we have.
And if that is not enough we also make a quick video showing you the house while telling you all the features the house has plus some info on the neighbourhood and area.

CaboCribs is the realtor when you need good service, and the latest news on the housing market of Los Cabos.


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Home Cabo San Lucas

Home Cabo San Lucas

We at Cabocribs do not believe in selling houses. We sell a home Cabo San Lucas. A house can be exchanged and be different from time to time. But we want you to find that particulair house that will be a long time home for you and your family.

For some the property they buy in Mexico is their second house. But that doesn’t mean it is a lesser house. The home cabo san lucas has to offer is amazing. It is really a magical place to relax or to be active. For people young and old this place has it all.

What makes a house a home Cabo San Lucas

Whatever house your looking for, if it is a condominium or a straight out house with 5 bedrooms, we have it for you.
Our website focuses on your comfort and ease to find the house you are looking for. If you can not find it on our website that means it is not available yet. Our website is so programmed that twice a day it looks for updates. So if you can not find it the day you first look, do not worry. Come back tomorrow. We might have then what you are looking for.

Get in touch!

When you feel the need to contact us feel free to do so. our team is available for you at any time in the american time zones. Go to our contact page and fill out a form. Or you can go and contact our broker or one of our agents personally. You find them in the agent page.

We are also available on the most comun Social Media where you can message us. we have a response time of 3 min max! and when you are in Los Cabos you can also simply walk into our office for a chat and information about the housingmarket of baja california sur.

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