Different Types of Los Cabos Properties for Sale: Which One to Buy

Los Cabos is on the rise – from being a sleepy fishing village to a world-class resort destination receiving millions of tourists every year. Consequently, Los Cabos real estate market is hot like a beautiful sunny day as more foreigners are looking into the region to relocate, retire and invest. But buyers’ preferences are also evolving. They are looking for more than a place to hit the sack and hang their sombreros. They are looking for the ultimate beach lifestyle, world-class golf, fine dining and resort living.

Los Cabos, with a triumvirate of beach, dessert and mountain landscape, perfect sunny weather, and myriad activities and attractions has something for everybody. Let’s take a look at the different types of properties for sale in Los Cabos and see which one will suit you best.


Beachfront Homes

beachfront homes for sale los cabos

Beachfront properties are some of the best-selling properties in the world. It seems like everyone wants to live by the beach. And for good reason, because research shows that coastal living can improve one’s well-being. Those who live close to the ocean are happier and healthier, and they can literally live like they’re on a vacation everyday. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Los Cabos. blessed with one of the most beautiful coastline in the world, is in no shortage of beachfront properties, but they do come at a certain price point. However, Los Cabos beachfront homes and condos are still relatively cheaper compared to the ocean-facing properties in the US and Europe. And it’s still possible to own your dream beach house in Los Cabos without spending a fortune.

Find all available Los Cabos MLS beachfront listings here.


Ocean View Homes

ocean view homes for sale los cabos

Ocean view properties are the next best thing to aim if you really want to live close to the beach but can’t afford the beachfront price tag. You may not have your toes in the sand when you step outside your door, but you can still enjoy the benefits of coastal living. The views are still amazing and a few minutes away from the beach isn’t so bad, especially if it will take a big chunk off the cost of the real estate.

Perhaps the most iconic view in Los Cabos is the view of Land’s End and the Arch. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, these rock formations are distinctly Cabo and homes boasting of arch views or Land’s End views are really enticing.

Find all available Los Cabos MLS ocean view properties here.


Golf Course Community Homes

golf course homes for sale los cabos

You don’t have to be a golf enthusiast to enjoy life inside a golf course community. But if you are, then this is definitely your cup of tee. Outside of waterside real estates, golf course properties are gaining popularity especially among retirees and families. The biggest come-on of golf course living is the landscape. Imagine waking up to a beautiful view of rolling greens, gardens, man-made lake or streams.

The ambiance and appearance of a golf course are important that’s why everything is maintained regularly. This ensures homeowners of a beautiful neighborhood to call home and helps protect the market value of their properties. Serenity and privacy is also an advantage because access to golf courses are by membership only and you can be assured that there will be no tourist crowd in the area.

See all available Los Cabos MLS golf course view listings here.


Gated Community Homes

gated community properties for sale los cabos

Security is probably the top reason why most home buyers choose to buy inside gated communities. But in Los Cabos, gated communities mean so much more. Homeowners have access to resort-like facilities like clubhouse, swimming pools, spa, fitness center, kids club, restaurant, etc. Among the most sought-after gated communities are also beach or golf communities, providing you the best of what Los Cabos has to offer. Exclusivity also plays a big factor with the ultra-luxurious and exclusive neighborhoods often attracting celebrities and high-profile buyers.

But Los Cabos is not just for the rich and famous. You can find plenty of gated communities with decent amenities offering properties at affordable levels. Surely, there’s one for every taste and budget.

Check out the most sought-after and popular gated communities in Los Cabos here.

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How to Properly Care for a Home Near the Beach

beach house maintenance - beachfront homes in cabo

Maintaining a home helps avoid serious repairs and can help owners get optimal value on a beach property when it goes to market. Homeowners can do much of the necessary upkeep themselves or hire professionals, such as a local caretaker or property manager, to attend to the numerous maintenance activities that go along with owning a home on or near the beach. What do owners need to do to maintain their beach home?

The following tips can clarify the type of upkeep necessary for your beach home.


Consider Hiring a Property Manager

Many homeowners who do not have the extra time to care for a beach home, in particular when it is a vacation property and not a primary residence, may choose to outsource maintenance tasks to a property manager. It is important to properly screen such applicants but, once hired, a property manager can perform drive-bys, respond to emergencies and advertise a beach property when it may be used as a rental. Beach homes in desirable areas may be used part of the time as an income-producing property and a property manager can handle rental payments, paperwork and
tenant-related issues. This does come at a cost but the services provided reduces much of the burden of maintenance responsibilities on home owners of beach properties. A more affordable
alternative is a local caretaker for those who will not rent out their beach home but may not be there all of the time.


Make a List of Reputable Companies

Beach home owners may want to create a list of reputable companies for cleaning and repairs. Speak with year-round neighbors to find out which companies are reliable and feel free to ask your
property manager for more information about electricians, exterminators, plumbers and other service providers in the area. If you’re only going to be in the home during part of the year, having a security system to monitor things while you’re away. This will make it easier to handle any necessary repairs or emergencies that come up over the course of owning and enjoying a beach home.


Necessary Maintenance and Property Value

A homeowner looking to maintain the value of their home needs to address chipped and fading paint, worn carpeting and sagging gutters, as well as other concerns. Homeowners of properties near or on the beach may choose to replace carpeting for tiles or hardwood for easier cleanup. Beach homes may be more vulnerable to higher humidity or moisture, making it important to take care of the earliest signs of mold or rot. It may be necessary to run an air conditioner or dehumidifier more in areas close to the shore or where dampness and humidity may be an issue. Set an air conditioner at 78 degrees F for maximum energy efficiency and to avoid moisture problems. Owners of beach homes may need to address chronic dampness or standing water near windows, hot water tanks, crawl spaces and other areas to prevent damage to a beach home from mold or rot. According to professional appraiser Mack Strickland, a house in worn condition without regular upkeep may lose as much of 10 percent of the appraised value.


Head Off Issues with Regular Maintenance

Beach homeowners should set aside a budget for necessary home repair and maintenance to make it easier to attend to a home repair. Scheduling regular inspections from a professional inspector can help an owner understand which fixes are necessary to prevent a bigger problem down the road. Keep a maintenance record in a notebook with receipts or online to track repairs and upgrades and show that maintenance has been performed on a regular basis for future interested home buyers.

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Hot Spot Cabo San Lucas Has Got Some Hot Hotels in 2017

At the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula sits the emergent and striking city of Cabo San Lucas. This budding resort city continues on its sizzling rise as top name resorts stake their claim in what will be the most sought-after vacation destination in Mexico.  The area of Cabo is destined to become one of the most popular luxury destinations in the world and we wait in anticipation as the hottest hotels in Mexico are erected in the up and coming city.

The city has not always been glitz and glam for tourists with their eyes set on a lavish and comfortable stay in Mexico. What used to be a messy Spring Break destination for wild college students has now become a new and improved luxurious destination for those seeking an extravagant stay for their travels. We explain what changed in the area and how new hotels are making the most of the new city.


The Evolution of Cabo San Lucas as a Hot Spot for Tourists

Although Cabo San Lucas was a hot destination for Spring Breakers in the past, things began to change in 2014 after a destructive hurricane wiped out most of the area, leaving already worn out hotels in shambles.  As devasting as the hurricane was, it presented an opportunity for resorts to remodel and reconstruct their estates with improved development plans focused on a different kind of market. Pair this with the lift on flight restrictions between the United States and Mexico, and you have yourself a city booming with immense supply and demand on the tourism front.  After every storm, there is a rainbow, and the rainbow for Cabo San Lucas has been the rise of the city as a tourism hot spot for visitors making the most of lower flights prices and increased quality of their stays.

cabo san lucas los cabos homes for sale


Resorts in Cabo San Lucas: Old but Still Relevant

The existing luxury hotels in the resort area have spent millions on extensive renovation and remodeling plans, placing their hotels at the forefront of international tourism demand. Some of the most popular of these resorts include:

–  The Resort at Pedregal

– One & Only Palmilla

– Esperanza

– Las Ventanas al Paraiso, a Rosewood Resort

Other famous spots like Me Cabo and Blue Marlin Ibiza have undergone major renovations to position themselves as the most desired and sought out beach clubs in Mexico. From combining units to form luxurious presidential suites to dropping DJ booths in their extravagant lobbies, these hot spots have been spending large to build up worthwhile stays that will have their guests coming back for more.


Resorts in Cabo San Lucas: The New Players in Town

Although there is a vast amount of great hotels to choose from in Cabo San Lucas, that did not stop hotel brands from trying to cut a piece of the cake in the attractive tourism hot spot of Cabo San Lucas. The competition is high but the demand is even higher, and many established brands have made their way to the city to grow their hotel chains in Mexico.

For instance, in 2018, Four Seasons is expected to open up its first beachfront property in Los Cabos in the private Costa Palmas community. The massive hotel will occupy 145 rooms of happy guests wanting to make the most of an 18-hole golf course, private yacht marina, and yacht club the hotel will install.


Costa Palmas Beachfront




Costa Palmas Marina


Another hotel chain rumored to make a surprise appearance in the area is Aman Resort from Singapore.  Other Hotels and developments that are already transforming the San Lucas coastline include:

– Chileno Bay

– The Cape: A Thompson Hotel 

– The Ritz-Carlton and adjacent Ritz-Carlton Reserve

– Auberge’s Chileno Bay

– Starwood’s Solaz Montage

– Nobu Hotel Los Cabos

– Mar Adentro by Encanto

– St. Regis Hotel

– Hard Rock Hotel

The outlook for the Cabo San Lucas area looks promising for hotel developers. This new hot spot is expected to see the likes of tourists from all over the world ready to play on the beautiful white sand beaches the city has to offer. Mark Cabo San Lucas as your next vacation destination and basque in the thriving ambiance of the new and improved resort city!

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fishing in los cabos

How Much Money Do I Need to Retire in Mexico?

Although the Mexican border has been taking heat for the large migration of undocumented immigrants entering the United States, there has been a large migration of Americans relocating and retiring in Mexico. The reason for this being the better weather, new experiences, and relaxed lifestyles that they will find as they head south into Mexican territory. These expats also enjoy access to affordable and quality healthcare and a lower cost of living. Mexico is a popular destination because it offers all this – plus its close proximity to the US makes it easily accessible and cheap to travel between to visit family and friends.

One of the first things to consider when deciding to live abroad is the cost of living in that country. Below, we take a quick look at how much money you might possibly need to retire comfortably in Mexico.


Lifestyle Determines the Amount of Money You Will Need




No matter where you retire, the way you retire greatly affects the amount of money you will need to do it. It is completely possible to retire on a fraction of a salary of what you would receive in the United States in Mexico. For instance, if you are willing to live modestly in a small apartment, eat at home, and sacrifice some of the comforts you may be used to back home you could save tons of money. Contrastingly, you could easily spend $15,000+ a month living in an exclusive beachside community while participating in expensive leisure activities, fine dining, and travel.

Most people who retire abroad fall somewhere in the middle between lavish living and budget consciousness. In order to achieve this in Mexico, a retired couple might be looking at the following monthly costs. Keep in mind that this level of budget in Mexico permits renting a house with three-times-a-week maid service and a weekly gardener:

These numbers are based on estimates on the website

For about $2,175 a month, or about $26,100 per year, a couple could retire comfortably in Mexico. With the peso hitting record lows, Americans can take advantage and stretch their retirement budget even further. Take for instance that the average monthly benefit for retired workers is $1,341. For a couple receiving that amount, this adds up to $32,184 each year – just enough to cover this budget.

Of course, retirement costs vary depending on each person, and your costs could be lower or higher than the estimates stated depending on your situation and lifestyle choices. Also remember these estimates don’t include expenses such as traveling to/from your retirement destination, moving costs, taxes, or emergencies.


More Ways to Save

Another way to save is through Mexico’s retirement benefits program. You are eligible for the Mexico’s Personas Adultas Mayores benefits program if you are 60 or older and have a Mexico resident visa. This program provides discounts of 10% to 50% off full price for a variety of services, including healthcare, cultural activities, transportation, and hotels.

Another important way to control costs is to shop at the local food market and learn where you can buy things at the “local” rate instead of the “tourist” rate. It is easy to forget that you’re not vacationing and you can easily burn a hole through your retirement funds if you are not careful.


Wrapping it Up in Mexico

Retiring in Mexico is a good option for those looking to adventure through new experiences and cultures, wanting access to affordable healthcare, or looking for a lower cost of living. Life outside the U.S. can create a culture shock so it is helpful to have an open mind and be adaptable to fully enjoy and appreciate the experience.

Also, visas, residency requirements, and taxes can be complicated as an expatriate so it makes sense to work with a qualified attorney and/or tax specialist when making plans to retire outside the United States.

Otherwise, we hope this has been informative enough for you to make the plunge into the crystal clear waters of Mexico!

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What is Green Building?

“Going green” has become a staple phrase in an increasingly environmentally friendly world. It is a movement that everyone will eventually have to follow simply because we will not have any other choice. Our uncontrolled population growth and increased consumption has created an ecosystem that will not be able to sustain the lives of the inhabitants on our planet. At the rate we are going, we will run out of natural resources we rely on for our survival and will have to create innovative and sustainable practices so that we can be proactive about the degradation of our environment. A good place to start with in creating these sustainable practices is in our very own homes. We can each do our part to help maintain the home we all share called Earth. This is where green building makes it grand entrance, and provides a solution for the current situation that our species has put us in. But what exactly is a green building, why should you consider it, and what are the objectives of this phenomenon? We will lay out all this information for you and leave you wanting to participate in your own green building.


What is Green Building?

There are different kinds of green building definitions out there. Some people think of a green, or sustainable building that does not make as bad as an impact on the environment compared to another average building. Others might believe it to be a particular kind of building that also has environmentally friendly surroundings.

The model green building is a building project that allows one to preserve the natural environment around a project site, while at the same time having the ability to produce a building that serves a purpose. It is a building project that is look at how the construction and operation of a building will take into account the environmentally friendly management of the land, water, resources, and energy of the area. This is the actual definition of a green building.

 According to the U.S. EPA, “Green building is the practice of creating structures and using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building’s life-cycle from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation and deconstruction. This practice expands and complements the classical building design concerns of economy, utility, durability, and comfort. Green building is also known as a sustainable or high performance building.”


Why You Should Go Green?

There is no doubt the importance of going green. We all need to do our part in providing a safe home for future generations. Those who go green understand that they can help in reducing their carbon footprint and know they can lend a helping hand to protecting the environment. There are a number of ways in which you can go green, but builders and construction workers must do their part as well. It is not necessary to go all in and get overwhelmed by it all; you can easily take some baby steps in your path towards full sustainability.

Green buildings reduce the overall impact on environment and human health by:

  1. Reducing trash, pollution and the degradation of environment.
  2. Efficiently using energy, water and other resources.
  3. Protecting inhabitant’s health and improving productivity. 

A green home in Los Cabos | MLS 17-297


The Costs of Not Going Green

Some people believe this green revolution is only taking more money out of their pockets, which is a common misconception among skeptics to the movement. Although green materials and products can be more costly, their are costs from not going green that are much more disadvantageous.

When resources become so scarce because of how much we deplete them, the prices of these resources we take advantage of will rise dramatically. This is because the shortage of supply and increased demand for these products will cause those prices to increases. At the rate we are going, we will one-day struggle to access basic goods and suffer an even higher social cost. Apart from environmental costs, we will be risking our lives by not going green.

Furthermore, if more sustainable green practices are chosen, energy costs will eventually go down because going green also means conserving energy. Green building should be seen as more of an investment than anything else. It is an investment that will not only save money but also keep environmental costs down. It is a win-win scenario for everyone and it is a decision that is necessary to make.

Green Building Benefits

One thing is for sure, and that is that the benefits of green building heavily outweigh its costs. The benefits of green building range from environmental benefits to economic ones all the way to social ones. By adopting greener practices, we optimize environmental and economic performance. The benefits of green building are separated into the different areas below:


Environmental Benefits:

  • Greatly improves air and water quality
  • Helps conserve natural resources
  • Reduces wasting of water
  • Protects biodiversity and ecosystems


Economic Benefits:

  • Improves inhabitant productivity
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Creates market for green product and services


Social Benefits:

  • Minimizes strain on local infrastructure
  • Greatly improves quality of life
  • Improves inhabitant health and comfort


The Objectives of Green Building

With everything, there is always a goal or objective we are trying to reach – especially with something like the implementation of green building. The most obvious goal would be to make the earth more sustainable. However, the goals of green building go beyond the main goal of this phenomenon.

When going green, the underlining goal is to help to sustain the environment without disrupting the natural habitats around it. When starting a building project it is important not to disrupt the natural habitat of that area so as to not create detrimental ripples in the ecosystems. Disrupting the natural habitat can cause act as a butterfly effect for the ecosystem and leave us without the resources we are dependent on.

The smallest changes to the environment can have dire consequences to an ecosystem. Comparatively, small positive changes you make can also have dire consequences that can help promote a better and healthier place for us all (including plants and wildlife) to live in.

Green building is a phenomenon that uses our social conscious to help us live in a better world. You might not be planning on rebuilding your home, but you may want to make a few green changes within your home to ensure that you are doing your part in keeping our planet around for a little while longer. You can cut down on your energy use, save money, and make a big impact on the environment by taking part in this green revolution. Contrary to popular belief, going green is not as difficult as people make it seem. Plus once you do go green, your conscious, and future generations will thank you for it!

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Why Retiring in Mexico Will Be Your Best Decision Ever

Looking for a place to spend your retirement years in blissful relaxation? Mexico just might be the perfect place for you. For over a decade, this South American country has proven that it offers the easiest transition to expat life, consistently making it to the list of top retirement destinations in the world. It has bagged the number one spot for the fifth time this year, further cementing its title as the best place to retire. Here are some of the reasons why.

  • Low cost of living. Expats can get by with as little as $1,200 a month. With the weakening of the peso against the dollar in the recent years, this amount is expected to go lower. Now, you can spend your money on other things, like putting up a business or buying properties.
  • Quality healthcare. Every major city in Mexico has a first-rate hospital, staffed with medical personnel who has had some training in Europe or the United States. Also, you do not need to have insurance to get treatments; medical care is cheap in Mexico that you can pay it in cash.
  • No language barriers. Many people think you need to learn Spanish to live in Mexico, but English is widely spoken throughout the country, particularly in popular tourist spots and expat communities. Thus, newcomers can easily communicate and fit right in.
  • Close proximity to the US. Those who plan on living part-time in Mexico will love the fact that the US is just a few hours away. Driving or flying home is convenient and cheap, with airline tickets costing as low as $200. This makes it easy to escape the cold winters of the US and soak up some sun down south.
  • Flexible weather. With the diverse selection of climates in the country, retirees will not have a hard time finding the perfect place with the right weather for them. Expats can choose to live practically anywhere, from spring in the highlands to summer on the beach.
  • Numerous retiree benefits. Legal residents aged 60 and above can get discounts on bus and airline tickets, as well as medical care, museum entrance fees, and more. Permanent residents with an INAPAM Card are given additional discounts that can go up to 50 percent.
  • Friendly locals. Naturally welcoming and friendly, tourists and expats will not have a hard time interacting and befriending the locals. They are warm and genuine, and would never hesitate to give you any kind of assistance, making your new life in Mexico a little easier.


Mexico might have had built itself a bad reputation over the years, but there are actually areas in the country that boast all the features and amenities a retiree is looking for. Whether you are looking to experience exotic culture or a first-class lifestyle, you will find it all here. Look for the perfect property for you in now and be a part of the 1 million Americans who now proudly call Mexico their home.

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Mexico is the Top Retirement Destination in 2107


For many people, retirement means days of relaxation and slacking, and it is not something that you can do in your city. After rounds of research and surveys, International Living has compiled a list of the best places to retire this year and ranked them accordingly. Read on and take your pick.

10. Malta. Despite its compact size, this Mediterranean island offers a marvelous lifestyle. It offers 300 days of sunshine, reasonable cost of living, and excellent health care. Once you are done exploring the island, Sicily and Paris are just a few hours away.

9. Portugal. The low cost of living and real estate are just two of the many reasons why this country is getting more and more popular among retirees. Lisbon, and the seaside towns of Estoril and Cascais, are the more favorite places of expats.

8. Nicaragua. Over the past decade, this country has undergone several changes for the better. Progress is apparent everywhere and should many any expat’s lifestyle easier. Getting a resident’s card is easy, and so is opening and running a business.

7. Spain. Miles of beaches, warm coastal climate, affordable real estate, low cost of living and laidback lifestyle make it a top retirement destination. Aside from beach living, Spain’s historic cities is a great attraction for many retirees.

6. Malaysia. Clean and modern with unrivaled public transport, this exotic place is home to some of the friendliest people in Asia. This country is known for budget travels, but there are also world-class vacation spots that both tourists and expats can enjoy.

5. Colombia. Once overlooked as a great retirement place, the country is now getting attention for its closeness to home. Aside from its great sceneries, Colombia is also proud of its warm, welcoming people, as well as their food, music and festivals.

4. Costa Rica. This safe and stable country has been giving refuge to retirees for over three decades now, and it continues to do so today. One of its best features is its high-rate health care, with world-class doctors using the latest technologies.

3. Ecuador. To those who put excellent weather as their priority when looking for a retirement place, Ecuador is it. Real estate is also very affordable, so buying or renting a property will give any retiree incredible savings in the long run.

2. Panama. It may be popular for its canal, but Panama is also drawing retirees all over the world for its ease of living. Its famous Pensionado program makes it easy for foreign retirees to get residence, also granting them a wide range of discounts.

1. Mexico. There are many great places to retire in the country, perhaps one of the most popular is Los Cabos with its gorgeous beaches, laidback lifestyle and rich culture. Many websites like can help you pick a great place to stay in this paradise.

“Mexico has always offered arguably the easiest transition to expat life around: Low-cost, conveniently close, friendly locals and plenty of expats—Mexico offers an appealing balance of exotic foreign culture and familiar First-World lifestyle… Life here is easy and relaxed. And also rich and complex in sensations and experiences.” [Source]


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5 Tips for the Best Winter in Cabo San Lucas

Mexico might have had a reputation of being too dangerous for Americans, but there are still areas that boast a robust tourist life. Aside from the popular Riviera Maya, Tijuana and Ensada, there is Cabo San Lucas. Just a few hours away from North America, Cabo sits at the tip of Baja California. It is home to some of the best seafood and ocean fun in Mexico. If you do decide to escape the cold for a sunny winter this year, here are some tips to make your vacation the best you could possibly have.

  1. Avail of the all-inclusive options many resorts in the area offer. For as low as $50, you can already enjoy all you want to eat and drink while you relax in paradise. This one-time payment saves you from tipping, currency conversion charges and bar tabs.
  2. Experiencing a foreign culture can be hard if you do not understand what the people around you are talking about. At least a month before the trip, download a language app that you can play during your downtime. This way, you can chat up and be friendly with some of the locals.
  3. Because of its location right at the tip of the continent, Cabo is home to fresh seafood and the best sport fishing in North America. Once there, make sure that you get a taste of their local guacamole, and several of their lobster and Dorado recipes.
  4. Set aside time to go out of your resort and stroll through town for some handcrafted hats and shirts. Also try out the local restaurants serving ceviche, seafood recipes and cerveza. Several excursion companies run affordable deep sea fishing, ARV and watercraft tours.
  5. Resorts in the Pacific Coast do not allow swimming in the seas because of the big waves. Thus, pick a resort in the side of the Sea of Cortez. You can also just take a short walk from the Pacific side to the Medano Beach where it should be much safer to take a dip.

There are still so many exciting things that await you on your trip to Cabo San Lucas.

Ask a tourism officer in the area, or just chat up and get friendly with a local to help you make the most of your vacation. Pack your bags and book a ticket now. This just might be your best trip yet.

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What are the Rights of a Foreigner While in Mexico?

Anyone who is a foreigner in any country is bound to feel some amount of uneasiness, particularly when they are faced with a legal problem, conflict with the local citizens or altercation with legal processes or authorities. The same holds true for foreigners in Mexico. Read on as we give the basic information about your rights while in Mexico, along with what to expect with your foreign status.

The Immigration Law states that the immigration policy of Mexico is to secure full respect for the human rights of domestic, migrants and foreign, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, immigration status and nationality. Special attention is given to vulnerable groups like seniors, teenagers, children, women and indigenous. Should the foreigner be accused or found guilty of any unlawful act, their undocumented immigration should not create any prejudice.

For those who have any interest in Mexico, whether it is an investment, business or family in the country, the state should also guarantee that the acquired rights of immigrants is recognized. Free transit throughout the country is guaranteed equal to any national, as well as access to education, medical and other public services, regardless of their immigration status. Civil actions cannot also be denied by authorities, particularly in marriages and granting of wills.

One specific right of a foreigner that is not exactly well known among Mexican authorities is that an interpreter should be provider for them if they cannot speak or understand Spanish. And should there be any legal judicial processes against a foreigner, authorities have to inform the foreigner of any international agreements or treaties when it comes to the transfer of prisoners, along with any other piece of information that may benefit them.

Now, what are the main obligations of foreigners during their stay in the Mexico? The law states that immigrants should comply with these obligations: protect their immigration status documents; show documents proving their identity and immigration status when needed; give personal data when requested by authorities; and other obligations stated in the Constitution, Act, Regulations and other pertinent provisions.

We hope that the concepts we showed above has given you a clearer view of the most common doubts of foreigners in Mexico. Keep them in mind as they will come in handy on your next trip to Mexico. If you have any specific case or particular question, do not hesitate to consult an immigration expert or the Mexican immigration authorities.

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Experience a Whole New Christmas in Los Cabos

The holidays is a time for festivities, especially in Mexico, where Christmas season goes for almost two months. In fact, the period between December 12 (Feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe) and January 6 (Feast of the Three Wise Men) is filled with several fiestas that it is jokingly called the Guadalupe-Reyes Marathon. Here are some of the most exciting holiday activities happening all around the region.

  1. Sabor Food and Wine Festival – Usually held during the first week of December, this festival brings together chefs from various restaurants in the region for a whole day of eating, drinking and music.
  2. Parroquia San Jose – Set in the region’s historic downtown area, this beautiful church features the mosaic Pericues which depicts the killings of its early inhabitants. This is the best place to attend holiday services.
  3. Dressed to the K9s Christmas Party – Thrown in behalf of the Los Cabos Humane Society, this elegant soiree features a fundraising auction and raffle, along with delicious food and drinks.
  4. Holiday Spirits – Aside from Corona and Pacifico, Mexico also boasts a range of seasonal spirits, including PoncheNavideno, made from the hawthorne fruit, and Noche Buena, a dark, spicy lager.
  5. Las Posadas – This event commemorates the journey of Mary and Joseph from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Lasting for nine days, there are nightly reenactments and processions that end with house parties.
  6. El Dia De Los Santos Inocentes – Also called Innocent’s Day, this December 28 celebration remembers King Herod’s decree to kill all male infants to protect his throne.
  7. Nochevieja – After the New Year’s Eve dinner, people go out to enjoy theme nights and local parties. The New Year in San Lucas is greeted with a beautiful fireworks display over Medano Beach.
  8. Casa Dorada New Year’s Eve Party – The luxurious Casa Dorada Resort and Spa annually holds costume-theme parties. This is a go-to party for those looking to ring in the New Year in style.
  9. El Dia De Los Tres Reyes – The celebration of the Three Kings of a time for children to open their gifts, as well as for family and friends gathering. Its signature treat is the sweet bread rosca de reyes.
  10. Whale watching – The Los Cabos whale watching season stretches from December to April where up to 10,000 males migrate to their breeding grounds down south.

With all these activities, you will surely have a most enjoyable Christmas season in Los Cabos.

But despite all these, what is important is the time of devout observances and gatherings with friends and family.

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