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Real Estate Pescadero

Real Estate Pescadero

Are you looking for real estate pescadero? Then we at Cabocribs have everything you need! We are one of the few real estate agency that has an office in this loving small town.

On our website you find all MLS listings that are right now available in pescadero. All condos, houses, or land we have it all!! Our agents in Pescadero have lived there for a very long time and have great connections with the local community.

they can explain to you everything there is to know about this small loving fishermans town. And because of their connection they are able to negotiate good deals for your real estate pescadero.

Pescadero only has around the two thousand inhabitants. even though it is a small town, it is very spacious.

Real estate Pescadero

Real estate Pescadero

And there is plenty of lots for sale that are close to the beach which will not cost you a fortune. The main activities you have in pescadero are nature activities. which includes hiking, climbing, camping, bird watching, whale watching in winter time, swimming, surfing, fishing, star gazing and more.

If you want to come down and explore all the fascinating things pescadero has and want to experience the village life, we can show you around and show you the houses or properties that are available.

If you want to do some of the activities mentioned or want to do something else we can help you set up the activity and guide you to the place or let you know what are the best places to do these activities.

You do not have the time to come down but still want to see what pescadero is like? No problem! with our 3D imaging we can show you how it will be like to walk around in the property of you choosing.

We also can send you a short video of how the town is like and what it is like to walk around and spend your time there. Anything that you might need to make the decission to start a new life in paradise!

visit our mls listings for the pescadero area here.


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Pescadero Condos

Pescadero Condos

Pescadero condos located in a small town with only 1,634 habitants with plenty of pescadero real estate to choose from. The climate of Pescadero is one of the best in Baja California Sur. Influenced by the Pacific Ocean, which moderates the temperatures during the whole year. In the summer the nice ocean brease maintaining the heat bearable. In winter time, which in general are the months March and May, are caracterized for it soft warm and dropping temperatures at night.


So if you are looking for a place to stay where it is quiet but still close by to Cabo San Lucas or the magic town of Todos Santos then this is the place for you! We at CaboCribs can give you the help you need! With our own office in Pescadero where we have agents who spend a lifetime in this nice town, can tell you all about the ins and outs of the place and can help you to find the best Pescadero Condos that is available.

Search on our website for the area of pescadero and see which property you like, We have condos, Houses, Ranchos and more. The pescadero beaches are nice and quiet. The tourist haven´t found this beauty yet!



visit for more information

Pecadero condos beach

Pescadero Condos


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Pescadero Real Estate

Pescadero is a small town between Cabo San Lucas on the south and todos Santos more up north. It has around the 2000 inhabitants which makes this the perfect place to retire. Even though it is a small town, there are plenty of places as Pescadero real estate.

Pescadero has one of the best climates in the whole of Baja California Sur. In the summer time, the Pacific ocean will bring a cold breeze making the hot months bearable. And in the winter time, which are usually the months march and may, the days are softly warm with cooler temperatures at night.

Pescadero is an Oasis in the desert and an amazing place to go down and enjoy the calm life of a fishing village. The pescadero real estate are most commingly found close to the ocean where you can enjoy the sunrise and sunsets over the ocean.

We at CaboCribs have an office located in Pescadero. We have agents working there who know the area as the back of their hands. With this you have an extra advantage for when it comes in looking for the perfect Pescadero Real Estate. Check our contact page for more information about our office and agents there

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Pescadero Real Estate

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Oceanfront Real Estate

Oceanfront Real Estate

When you think of Los Cabos, or Cabo San Lucas, you think sun, beach, ocean and good times. And most of the times when you got a taste of what Cabo has to offer you want to stay permanently. And then the most tempting amazing spots are the oceanfront real estate properties.

There is a couple of things you need to know before buying oceanfront real estate in Los Cabos and why you should buy now and not wait!


living at the beach

There is not a nicer feeling then waking up well rested and open the curtains of your bedroom and look out over the ocean. with your binoculars you look for humpback whales and their young. Living at the beach in Los Cabos is simply amazing. You can go and sit on your balcony or in your yard and enjoy the sand of the waves crashing on the sand and rocks. When you feel like to go for a swim it is just a short walk down. And do not forget you snorkel set since there is tons of wildlife to explorer underneath the ocean surface.

At night you can enjoy the amazing view of the stars and moon that light up the beach and surroundings. There is no light polution anywhere close by and with your naked eye you are able to see the milky way and star clusters and perhaps a galaxy or 2. Yes you can not make a mistake with buying an oceanfront property.


But you do need to be fast. Los Cabos is not a secret anymore and many people found out how wonderful live is here and how amazingly good priced the oceanfront real estate is. So visit our mls search page or go to quick links to find the oceanfront properties that are for sale right now!


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Cabo San Lucas Condos for sale

Cabo San Lucas condos for sale

We at CaboCribs work hard every day to provide the latest information on Cabo San Lucas condos for sale. Every day new listings are added and sold ones are taken down. For that reason we developed our website with an intelligent software that keeps track of every movement in the MLS listings. So whenever a house is sold it will be taken down. When there are price reductions our website will be the first to highlight them for your convenience.


All of the Condos that are available in Los cabos are very different from one to the other. There are really awesome beautiful locations right in the heart of downtown Cabo San Lucas. But if you are looking for something more quiter there are also many different spots in gated communities. many Cabo San Lucas condos for sale in areas that are close to the beach or close to downtown. When taken the road to the East cape you will find many gated communities  where you can have a Condo that looks out over the amazing mountain range or over the pacific ocean. Some are located right next to the golfcourse. For every kind of person there is a condo available in Los Cabos

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Los Cabos: Keeping up with the Market

Los Cabos: Keeping up with the Market

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 Los Cabos has had a reputation as one of the top destination spots for a long time. With an 8.8% 


growth compared to last year, bringing about 172,300 visitors, it seems Hoteliers are getting it right.


According to Travelweek news, Los Cabos has added “almost 2,805 hotel rooms, representing 25% growth in hotel inventory from October 2016 to October 2017.”


With such a large increase in tourists, it is no wonder Hotels are fighting to improve their hotels in any way they can. Every hotel wants to be number one, but to beat the competition, changes have to be made.


Something for Everyone


Los Cabos offers a dazzling view of its location on the southern tip of the Mexican Baja Peninsula. Apart from the striking location, tourists seem to be attracted to the variety of activities offered by Los Cabos’ resorts.


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This location is more than just a vacation spot. There is so much history to learn in Los Cabos thanks to the preserved spirit of the 200-year-old city of San Jose. Being part of this culture can be the perfect addition to a relaxing whale-watching adventure.

Los Cabos seems to be the full package. The Island has something for every type of person, from a quiet to a more artistic side offering paintings and sculptures that give tourists an insight into Mexico’s culture.


A Blessing in Disguise


This inflation couldn’t come at a better time. In 2014, Hurricane Odile’s heavy rain and 125 mph winds brought a lot of destruction to the Peninsula. Though the whole Peninsula was affected, the coastal resorts were hit the hardest.


Hurricane Odile, which is reported to be the strongest storm to ever strike the Baja Peninsula, left the beautiful resorts ruined. It was only two years ago that most of these hotels were able to open up and begin profiting once again.


Luckily, with the reconstruction of many of these resorts, came some upgrades. Hyatt Ziva, for example, added some delicious enhancements including a new coffee shop and embellishing their already-popular restaurant.

After working so hard, it’s nice to see these resorts take their place as one of the top destinations to visit. Receiving such a hard hit might have seemed like the end, but it seems that with this end a new beginning arose.


Growth Brings in Investors

This increase in growth didn’t just catch the eye of local hoteliers, but other companies hoping to make a profit as well. For this reason, many hotels are expanding their scene to make it as upscale and luxurious as possible. With new hotels on the rise, older hoteliers need to expand and make changes so they can not only keep up with the demand but to stay on top.


Image result for The Cape, Los Cabos

The hotel corridor between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo holds the most well-known


deluxe hotels and spas.

This acclaimed corridor has caught on to this tremendous growth and is quickly expanding with new hotels. Following its profit from hotels such as The Cape, Los Cabos is opening many new upscale spots with acclaimed names such as Hard Rock and LeBlanc Resort.

Travel Agent Central reports that Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Los Cabos will be debuting in July as a Preferred Hotels & Resorts member with “315 suits, lofts, penthouse and master residences.” Almost all the suits will include a kitchen, living room, and dining room and if requested, a private chef is also feasible. This property will also be filled with bars, restaurants, and many places for the guest’s enjoyment.


Keeping up with the Competition


Though this increase in hotels might seem like a threat to already-standing hotels, it seems the increase in hotels is part of the reason the city has become such an acclaimed location. With this surge in tourists and thus hotels, has come improvements around the city as well, such as an augmentation in the local airport and freshly-paved roads.



Sometimes it isn’t just about 

Image result for le blanc los cabosexpansion. Hoteliers are also getting creative.


 By offering rewards, some hotels show there is more to them than just a fancy location. 

Le Blanc Spa Resort Los Cabos, for example, is offering credit to anyone who stays more than four nights at their resort. Since their Spa is well-known, they allow guests to use this credit for extras, including massages. What better incentive than offering guests extra services for no extra charge?

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Los Cabos gated communities

Los Cabos gated communities

Los Cabos has many different properties to offer, and many of them are located in gated communities. in this article we will discuss with you the benefits of Los Cabos gated communities and how we at CaboCribs can help you.


One of the benefits of living in gated communities in Los Cabos is that no matter what property you choose. you will always have an open view on the ocean.

Every house is so build that it will give you an open view at the ocean all around. you also have 24/7 security, so when you leave your home for a couple of months to visit family you can be assured your home and everything in it is safe.

there are many different Los Cabos gated communities. All of them stretching out from Cabo San Lucas to San Jos del Cabo to Puerto Los Cabos, all the way to the East Cape. And every single one of them offer amazing views. and mostly are located at the pacific what means that you will have a chance to see the migrating Whales right outside your living room!

Image result for whales los cabos

Cabocribs helps you find your dream home

Our team of professional agents and broker are ready to help you in anything you might need help in. We are not only there to help you find you a house. We want to help you finding your dream home in the Los Cabos Gated Communities.







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Los Cabos Real Estate

Los Cabos Real Estate

We at CaboCribs do our outmost to find for you the best deals in the Los Cabos real estate market. Here at CaboCribs we have a really extensive database for all kinds of properties. We have properties that are for sale but we also offer vacation and permanent rentals.

What is for sale in Los Cabos?

Our database here at CaboCribs is filled with houses, Condominium and apartments at all sort of locations. We have houses in Los Cabos real estate that are close to the beach with a stunning view on the ocean. We have condominiums right in the heart of downtown Cabo San Lucas when you want to be in the center of all things happening. We can offer nice and quiet places in closed comunities within walking distance of the center of San Jose or Cabo San Lucas.

About CaboCribs


Our Broker, Leeroy Jarvis, works together with his team of professionals to find exactly the typ of home you are looking for. Him and his agents are there for you 24/7 to answer all your questions and help you to clear out some doubts you might have.

If you want to try out Los Cabos for a while they can also hook you up with one of our rentals. Come Down to Los Cabos and experience all the fun and excitment that los cabos has to offer. We can help you find activities you would like to do for you and your whole family.

Contact us here or go to our facebook page and message us there to get an instant reply from our broker or one of his agents.


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Homes with amazing views| Newsletter April 1

Homes with amazing views

If you long to spend your days looking out into the ocean, and winding down with a cold drink in your hand while enjoying the sunset, but think that ocean view properties are too expensive and forever beyond your budget, consider looking in Los Cabos.

Although prices of realty in Los Cabos have risen considerably over the last decade, they still remain at very affordable levels when compared to beachfront and ocean-view properties in the US and Europe.

For more information, feel free to call us at our US number: +1 310 860 6063 or our Mexico number: +52 1 624 688 6841. You can also email us at
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A place you have to visit| Newsletter march 1

A place you have to visit

Baja is mostly known for its deserts and beaches but the mountains not only offer incredible views but oasis, waterfalls and hot springs in various areas with different plant and animal life.

One of these areas is at the base of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains outside the town of Santiago in Baja California Sur. This can be a great day trip from anywhere from Los Cabos to Los Barilles and all of the East Cape area. The coolness of the air with large Fichus shade trees, breezes and cold water these areas can be very refreshing.

There are 2 seperate places that you may want to visit. The Canyon del Zorro (Fox Canyon) or the Aguas Calientes (Hot Water) area with hot springs and cold pools and creek hiking. Both Canyon del Zorro and Aguas Calientes are incredible areas to visit but difficult to enjoy both in the same day.

Santiago is a small town located 46 km north of the Los Cabos Airport (SJD) in San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur. At about 42km you make a left turn off Highway 1 to Santiago. If you are planning on going to Cañon del Zorro (Canyon of the Fox) waterfall and pool then at the far end of a divided avenue before actually entering Santiago plaza, you will make a right turn and go up a hill for about .5km  through intersection and then turn left at the crest of hill at 1.3Km then at 1.7 km turn right and 4km you will see a sign for Cañon de la Zorra follow that fork for 9.7 km After passing a rancho officially called the Rancho Ecológico Sol de Mayo (Eco-park May Sun)with a gate. You will pass through and arrive at a parking area where there is generally someone keeping an eye on the area as well as there is a simple bathroom.
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